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  1. My battery grip works perfectly well with the body so it sounds as if there is a problem with either your grip or the body, and it is good to hear that Fuji are asking you to return both for checking. When you say the body works perfectly on its own there may be a problem with the contacts between the body and grip, or the computer that works out their relationship?
  2. Pringles I have moved from a Canon 1Ds mark III with a 28-300 white lens which is an awesome combination covering relatively wide angle to a good zoom without changing lenses. BUT it was very heavy so at the age of 75 I decided to change to the Fuji X-T2 and I havent regretted it for one moment. I love the dials on the top which enable changes as you shoot and as you see what is on the sensor, each change is instantly visible. As to whether it will last the test of time, well if it is a good camera now and does everything you want, then it will still do that in ten years time. Technology will of course have advanced, and for example future cameras may not use the same cards as now, or even store info the same way, most people would not use film now because we use digital info. But you can not plan for major changes and can only make decisions based on current equipment. It is a lovely camera and the RAW image with adjustments from programmes such as ON1 will give you superb images.
  3. I would like to thank Neal on the site for the help he has given me by email.
  4. neal The Cokin site is silent on this matter but Amazon says Blocks all visible light up to 650 nanometer Allows 50 percent of light to 720 nanometer and more than 90 percent of the infrared and beyond
  5. I bought the Cokin IR filter and took some images today but there was no infra red effect what so ever. I used a post processing technique as described by Scott Photographics but I couldn't get anything like an infra red effect with green leaves showing as white.
  6. Thanks Col and Neal for that information I found it interesting. I am not a great IR enthusiast but I have seen some images recently which I found very interesting bordering on artistic. So I thought i would try IR on the cheap by buying the Cokin IR filter and using it in a P holder. I do love long exposure images particularly at the seaside and this would suit this filter as I could use it in conjunction with a 10 stop ND and make the exposure very long, and I have heard that the X-T2 will also take IR with high ISO settings. Incidentally i would be converting to mono as I really do not like colour IR it looks so false to me.
  7. Cokin make an infra red filter to fit their P size holder, will the X-T2 respond to infra red light, in other words is it worth buying to get infra red type images?
  8. Thanks for that BobJ I did have in mind the circular polarizer and I have a full set of ND filters including a 10 stop, its a case of whether to use the polarizer in conjunction with the big stop? As you know the Cokin polarizer fits into the P series holder.
  9. Can I use a Cokin P series circular polarizing filter on the X-T2, and does it help for long exposure mono images? I ask this question because I have read that they are particularly suitable for cameras with a polarising half mirror, which the Fuji does not have.
  10. Thanks x-m1user that is a good tip I have turned off long Exposure NR and trust it has speeded up the saving.
  11. Thanks Doug that answers it in one, I must have flicked the aperture setting to A accidentally as I had taken several long exposures before this happened. Do you happen to know why it takes about 15 seconds for the camera to store an image taken on the B setting, I wouldnt have thought that it was a larger image file?
  12. I was using a big stopper the other day on my X-T2 and using the B setting, and I must have pressed something and it got stuck on a 30 second fixed exposure time instead of me being able to choose how long the shutter was open. Whilst I managed to switch that off somehow after a lot of fiddling, it might happen again and I am due on a long exposure course and I dont want to be embarrassed with the tutor. How is this switched on and how do I switch it off if it happens again?
  13. Thanks everyone for your help but I have sorted it. The AF mode was in wide tracking and it needs to be in single point for the joystick to work. Just a matter of senior moment unfortunately, not used to all these adjustments with a Canon 1DS.
  14. RM Thanks for replying, I had pressed the joystick and as you say a box comes up which says ' joystick on' but nevertheless the green boxes do not move when i wiggle it about, they have moved in the past but not now, its a mystery?
  15. On my X-T2 the joystick has stopped controlling the focus point and I can not get it back functioning, what have I accidentally switched off?
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