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    Mice photos! I particularly like Landon and 2519. Well done.
  2. What did you switch back from? Just curious what lead you to leave Fuji? I’m always tempted to get a new camera but I just have to keep reminding myself that I already have a great camera. Haha its so easy to get caught in hype land
  3. Thought you all may be interested in seeing some super low light photos. I was using the 23 F2 but wish I had the 1.4 in this situation. (I used the 16mm 1.4 on the wide shots of the stages). I still think the camera managed the noise well. ...noise reduction in PS. Low Light Festival Portraits Majority of the photos were shot at 6400 and above. 1/3 of them were at 12800 - all handheld with no flash Obviously they wouldn’t be good for printing but I think good enough for the web. note: if you want to pixel peep first select the photo so it goes into the light box slideshow. Photos were exported from LR at 2000px long edge (not full resolution). Note note: some of you may know how to describe this better than me but an F2 on a crop sensor is equivalent to approx 3.2 on a full frame camera .. as well as lenses you also have to do the crop calculation on the F-stop is that correct?
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