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  1. sean73

    X-T30 Images

    Mice photos! I particularly like Landon and 2519. Well done.
  2. What did you switch back from? Just curious what lead you to leave Fuji? I’m always tempted to get a new camera but I just have to keep reminding myself that I already have a great camera. Haha its so easy to get caught in hype land
  3. Thought you all may be interested in seeing some super low light photos. I was using the 23 F2 but wish I had the 1.4 in this situation. (I used the 16mm 1.4 on the wide shots of the stages). I still think the camera managed the noise well. ...noise reduction in PS. Low Light Festival Portraits Majority of the photos were shot at 6400 and above. 1/3 of them were at 12800 - all handheld with no flash Obviously they wouldn’t be good for printing but I think good enough for the web. note: if you want to pixel peep first select the photo so it goes into the light
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