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    sdsyver reacted to Warwick in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    X70, London
    Shot in RAW, Classic Chrome simulation applied in Lightroom
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    sdsyver reacted to Koreashooter in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    This photo (taken with an x100s) I shared early last year was recently shortlisted for Black + White Photographer of the Year 2018

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    sdsyver reacted to adzman808 in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    X-Pro2 and XF35
    It'll Soon Pass by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
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    sdsyver reacted to MatusKicka in Streetphotography (open thread)   

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    sdsyver reacted to OkanYILMAZ in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Halle, Germany 
    X-T1, 18-135mm


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    sdsyver reacted to sadaqat in Streetphotography (open thread)   

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    sdsyver reacted to sadaqat in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Foam Museum, Amsterdam

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    sdsyver reacted to Patrick FR in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    On the Streets Of Phnom Penh

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    sdsyver reacted to ericdraven in Montreal Morning   
    Montreal Morning
    Ripley? by David Wong, on Flickr
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    sdsyver reacted to Jose Carpin in "Don't look back"   
    "Don't look back"   Delhi, India 2018   Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2  
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    sdsyver reacted to Jose Carpin in "Through the spyhole"   
    "Through the spyhole" 
    Fuji X-T2 + XF16mm f1.4 R WR
    Don't forget to visit my sites:    Instagram: jose_carpin_photographer Website: www.josecarpin.com    [/url]
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    sdsyver reacted in New iMac or Build a Powerful PC?   
    My home system started out as Apple ll and after many years I went to pc because its what I used at work. That lasted two years then I want back to Apple for my sanity. I still worked with a windows desktop at work and a laptop for traveling. I loaded Windows 8 on my mac not too long ago for gaming and I still do not care for the system. I guess you know where I stand. As I said Ive made the change and it didn't work out for me so I wish you the best of luck with your decision.
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    sdsyver reacted to HendrikOsula in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Mary Poppins @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr
    Oh joy, work is over @Tallinn by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr
    Christmas @Tallinn by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr
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    sdsyver reacted to Tom H. in Views from my office   
    And some more, Fuji X100T and X-T1, last shot is Athens at night with the sky above, 3.5 seconds exposure, hand balanced on the windscreen, ISO 6400 and 16mm at f1.4... Heavy on the noise reduction, this was shot on a moonless night at 37000ft.

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    sdsyver reacted to sebas1430 in Jacques-Cartier national park   
    A beautiful and accessible national park near Quebec city. 3rd visit there.




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