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  1. Third party lenses IBIS only work on 3 axis. Still good but not the same as Fuji lenses will have
  2. Hey guys, Just spent some time with Francis (One of the FujiGuys). I should've taken a photo to prove that I really did try the camera but oh well. If you believe me, feel free to ask any questions. Here are some quick points I noticed: - The new shutter button sucks, way too sensitive. - Body feels amazing in hand, the deeper grip makes a huge difference - Eterna film simulation is very sexy - IBIS works amazing - Auto focus is faster but not enough to be noticeable - Mechanical shutter is MUCH quieter Disclaimer: I am not an ambassador or an employee of Fujifilm
  3. Nope, the HDMI on a Mac is video-out only. It cannot accept any incoming video. It is technically possible on an iPad but no one ever made an app/cable for that
  4. There is no best. Most people will film in 23.98 for a cinematic look. 29.97 for a documentary look.
  5. Waiting on the 110mm f2 before making a final decision.
  6. My fiance doesn't want me to, she says putting money towards the wedding is priority
  7. No dial for the ISO, the screen becomes more relevant.
  8. Enjoy boys and girls! Feel free to ask me anything about the camera. Spent two hours with it last monday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anFEQaOzplc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKkLoBguPjw&feature=youtu.be
  9. Bigger and more expensive. I get that people want IBIS. Myself I don't really care for it but people shouldn't critisize OP for asking for it.
  10. Since the X-T2 has issues regarding low light focusing in reception halls, the GFX will be much worse for sure. The 63mm was hunting a bit when I was testing it in a hotel with low light.
  11. It'll be hard to take portraits but that bokeh will be creamy and delicious.
  12. The 50 does mean megapixels. If the GFX 50S is a success, Fujifilm will release a 100S in a far future.
  13. Not on my side. I played with it and loved the 120mm but I am going to wait until the 110mm comes out before thinking about buying it. 90% of my pictures are taken with my 56mm, I need something similar
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