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  1. Yes the signature is up to date. Milandro, I agree, probably I am the manager, only that I can not understand what the problem is, let's say that photographer from all my life, I am very worried.
  2. With the first Lexar Professional body, with the second body, SanDisk Extreme Pro. What distresses me is that I do not think it is possible to receive two bodies with the same problem !!!
  3. Eliminate the first two, use well-tested cards, thank you
  4. No, they are not sequential shots and not even with flash, sno, or should be normal single shot
  5. XT2, strange problem, black frames. I got a xt2, after a trip, downloading photos I noticed that over 1200 photos, 320 were completely black. The vendor quickly replaced the car body. New trip with new XT2, result 4o black frames on 780. So new body, new memory cards, same result, what can be the cause ??? The photos are completely black, but they record the Exif data, they are all over (form a group). I can not be completely sure, but it seems to me that there are still missing pictures of what I remember getting shot. Does anyone have any idea ??? Thanks for your help !!!
  6. Hello everyone, help me to understand !!! how is it possible to read hundreds of positive reviews (some even enthusiastic) on the XT2, without anyone moaning digital noise that this sensor produces !!! Even at 500 ISO noise is very visible (I mean RAW) when the "old" XT1 there is very less. I state photos taken at the same time, with the same goal and the same settings. I think a big regression that is only supported for commercial reasons: I was excited about the XT1, I am very disappointed by the XT2.
  7. Pete in 1959, which is aimed at all the Forum as "the repository of truth" apparently thinking they were the only one to know what the gray card at 18% we have absorbed the important lessons taught photographic technique. Well, at best, it is not sure !! If I am in optimum light situation, a person with no major imbalances of light and shadow, I have a right to expect that the exposure is correct, something that happens with XT1 and XT2 with no! (Underexpose 2/3 to 1 diaphragm) Exposure compensation is used in special cases and is not a command to use in normal cases. If Pete 1959 uses it almost always, perhaps making the wrong measurements. The fact is that the XT2 has problems and it is desirable to be resolved because they are not normal things of little importance. The XT2 is the twelfth camera that I use and is the first one with this problem.
  8. I bought the XT2, fascinated by the improvements that are true, but, luckily I have not sold my XT1. Because, in the end, what counts for me is the quality of the image, both RAW and JPEG, and I must say that just do not understand all the reviews favorable to XT2 because the files are, in my opinion, well below the XT1, they are less "clean" and the noise is significantly increased. I'm thinking of selling it and continue to enjoy myself with my XT1.
  9. I bought a xt2 but I kept my previous xt1, with xt2 I pointed out problems with the meter: In any measuring modes (spot, central media and all others) underexpose to 1.5 stops in the presence of high-contrast subjects (eg white car against dark asphalt) seems to use srempre spot mode, and a little 'under-exposed, too. The same photos from your xt1 are perfect. Something wrong or is this a serious flaw? Thanks for anyone who can help me
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