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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED RE Q button I noticed a small yellow padlock displayed on LCD which is active when "controls have been locked" To use this lock feature press and hold the Menu/OK button to activate and/or deactivate. I switched it off and the Q button now works !!!!!!! How it was switched on is a mystery to me but at least Q is now working.
  2. My Xt4 has a non functioning Q button. Have I accidentally turned it off somehow? Custom settings show the button as a Q button. I have the latest firmware. Thanks
  3. After upgrading I have a non responsive front command dial. I t does not appear as an option in the button settings menu. Anyone else having this issue ?
  4. Has anyone used a K&F Concept adapter for this lens to an XT2 ? If so what was the model number. Thanks
  5. I am looking for a TTL cable for the Godox V860II flash and my XT2. I have a Canon cable that does not work in either manual or TTL mode. The flash works perfectly on the camera. Thanks.
  6. I owned a Sony A6500 for a few weeks and the combination of IBIS and OIS seemed to work very well in low light, one handed operation etc.
  7. Both the boost grip batteries are red and if I remove the battery caddy and immediately insert they indicate a full battery for both.
  8. I have exactly the same problem !! The batteries in the power boost grip are fully charged as indicated by charge lights going off and the charge indicator on the camera. If I then do not use the camera for a day or two the batteries in the boost show as discharged. If I remove them and immediately reinsert they now show as fully charged. However if I immediately plug the charger into the grip the charge lights are on for over an hour. This is causing me major uncertainty as to what state the batteries really are. Is the problem a charging issue, a camera reporting issue or a battery defec
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