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  1. Above is a few of the batteries as well as the box and booklet they come with. Is there any reason to suspect they may not be genuine? Do you have information regarding this issue in connection with batteries? The Fuji Rep i spoke did not mention this. I purchased everything via Amazon with no reason to believe i was getting counterfeit gear... I should reiterate that I have been researching this issue since August of last year and have found postings about it all over the web. The consensus is that Fuji has made no official statement with regards to the issue. However, many XT-2 owners who use the grip seem to be suffering with this. The problem is intermittent and provides no reliable means of troubleshooting it. While many remove the tray and reinsert it, this is not a consistent fix and does not work at all for me. If i am certain that the batteries in the grip are fully charged yet the camera info shows them as being fully depleted i can not assume that everything is working despite what the display shows. It is extremely frustrating to say the least as i am sure the few who have found their way to this thread can attest to. It is, i guess, possible that my original brand new grip was faulty AND the grip that Fuji repair sent me was also faulty. I wish i could test other grips to see if they all have the same behavior on my camera or if one magically works. At least then i would know there are simply faulty units being sold...versus worrying about if it is my camera that may be cause of the issue. To the best of my knowledge, my gear is all genuine and the camera works flawlessly. Except when the grip is attached. So sent the grip to Fuji Repair and they sent me a new one. Same issue. I thought the latest firmware update might fix it. Nope. suggestions???
  2. I purchased my XT-2 kit all at the same time. Batteries, grip and camera. I have 5 batteries in total. Also I sent my original grip to Fuji repair and they sent me back a new grip. The problem remains. My the grip simply does not function correctly when connected to the camera. The red batteries in the display seem to be the correct status...the additional power is not getting to the camera which affects both video and certain other features. When the grip is not attached camera works flawlessly.
  3. Hey everyone, Updated my X-T2 to the latest firmware yesterday and spent some time trying to resolve the issue with the grip. Remember, this is not my original grip i purchased but a refurbished one that Fuji Repair in NJ sent to me when i sent mine in. Unfortunately, the issues still persist. The camera functions perfectly normal without the grip attached. After many attempts at troubleshooting I think I may have some insight into the problem. Let me explain... What i think is occurring is that when attaching the grip to the camera, if not done "properly", then the contacts may not be flush with the contact plates. The screw that attaches into the body of the camera has quite a bit of wobble to it. While there is a guide pin etc to help the two parts lock together, I think that it is still possible to attach the grip in a manner where the contacts are not flush and this causes the dreaded "red dead battery" display/glitches. I have attached the grip from all angles (with the camera right side up, upside down, sideways, etc) in an effort to see if there is an optimal way to attach the grip that will not cause these issues. Sometimes when attaching the grip the shutter on the grip would work but NOT the buttons or joystick. Turning off the camera when this happens usually causes the camera to NOT come back on until the grip is removed and then things would be back to normal with the X-T2. This leads me to believe that there is a possible short circuit in the electronics if the grip is not "perfectly attached". However, even when the grip is recognized properly and all controls work, the batteries will sometimes flash as FULL when they appear on screen right after turning on the camera, only moments later to turn red. This is with all 3 batteries in the camera fully charged. I did an additional test to see how long the camera would last in that state and recorded two full length video clips in 4k 24p. When the camera finally shut off it was very very warm. I removed the grip and took the battery out of the camera. It was literally hot to the touch. I then removed the batteries from the grip...totally cold. I then confirmed that both batteries were still completely fully charged by placing each in the camera. So i had inadvertently recorded video in boost mode using only the camera battery which is why both camera and battery were so hot...the grip batteries were not utilized at all! So it seems that while the grip controls are functioning, for whatever reason the batteries in the grip are not flowing power to the camera. I am pretty stumped as to what to do next. It seems pretty unlikely I bought a bad malfunctioning grip only to get ANOTHER malfunctioning grip from Fuji Repair. Every other aspect of my camera is without any problems or issues. Things only get wonky when the grip is attached. I have yet to use the grip and see 3 fully charged batteries on the screen that stay that way. I am going to seek out a local photographer or photo store with this gear and try to see if placing my grip on their camera has the same effect and if their grip works on my camera. I need to solve this maddening problem! Again, any help or thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  4. that is correct. I misspoke. The main issue still persists. Fully charged batteries in the grip appear as fully depleted on the XT2. Since I have a new grip from Fuji Repair, it seems the problem is with the camera software/firmware...
  5. Hello again, So I just now received my battery grip back from Fuji Repair located in New Jersey. It appears that they swapped it and sent me a working one. This is an option when you fill out the form to the repair center by the way, you can have them swap for faster turn around and I did select this choice. Unfortunately, once I re-connected the grip with batteries to my X-T2, I saw the same issue as before. The batteries show as fully depleted (red) even though they are fully charged. I have since plugged in the charger to the grip to charge the batteries once more to be extra sure. The lights on the grip for each battery well are both green...normally they are red when charging depleted batteries. Anyway, i will see if this works and report back in later... *Also Geejays you edited out the firmware you mentioned that was due out in November from your earlier response, was this on behalf of a request from Fuji? As it stands i have a different grip on my camera exhibiting the same behavior which makes it seem it is the camera that is having the issue not the grip. As I mentioned in my initial post if this is something that can be corrected via a software patch or firmware update I do not mind waiting. Especially versus having to send the camera back to Fuji for repair. Can you speak more specifically to the firmware you are now running or any other details you learned from the Fuji representative? thanks!
  6. Thanks for weighing in. Since writing my post I have done several more tests trying to see if i could get the intermittent problems to repeat. Here is what i found: *i have swapped batteries for all the tests to be sure the batteries are not the problem 1) if there is only a battery in the LEFT tray of the grip the camera will *not* turn on. if there is a battery in the RIGHT tray, the camera will turn on and show the RIGHT battery as depleted. 2) after removing the charging cord from the grip and powering on the camera, 95% of the time the batteries in the grip will *not* display nor will the joystick or buttons on the grip work. oddly the shutter on the grip will work. turning off the camera and turning it back on will show the depleted batteries in the display as well as return all grip functions to work as normal. 3) the display for Performance mode will flash intermittently when set to "Boost" mode long after the initial display when powered on. it only flashes once when set to "Normal". In any event, it seems as though there is a short or something in my grip hardware and the best move is to just replace it. Hopefully, the replacement will work as advertised!
  7. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and it concerns a strange issue i have been researching that i see others have been affected by as well. So far there has been no solution in any of various posts around the web. The problem is this: I have a barely used VPB grip for my XT-2. They were purchased at the same time. They are barely 4 weeks old in use, the grip much less so due to the issues. I have three of the newer batteries plus the one that comes with the camera. After fully charging all the batteries and putting the grip and camera together, the batteries in the grip displayed as fully depleted. Looking around online, some suggested flipping the booster switch, removing and reinserting the tray etc. None of the described "fixes" worked perfectly. I assumed this was a software fix that Fuji could roll out. I decided to try and use the grip and camera knowing that the batteries were actually full despite what the display read. However, this lead to even stranger behavior...such as the camera shutting itself off while focusing, or the joystick would not work on the grip but the shutter button would and other weird behavior. These issues were intermittent. They are not reproducible and i have tried my best to trouble shoot and get the root of the problem. As far as i can tell, the camera performs flawlessly...when the grip is NOT attached. I just came back from three weeks traveling around Europe taking hundreds of photos without any problems. So the grip is clearly the problem. Again, many others are experiencing this issue with the battery display and the grip so I am uncertain what next to do. I want a working grip. If it is just a bug that Fuji can squash I can wait for that update. If, on the other hand, i have an actual defective unit then i need to contact Fuji and get it replaced. I am writing to the Forum to get advice as to what to do. As i keep saying i know I am not alone and its hard to think that Fuji is selling lots of defective hardware so perhaps this is just a software issue that will be eventually corrected. What do you think? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help!
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