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  1. Above is a few of the batteries as well as the box and booklet they come with. Is there any reason to suspect they may not be genuine? Do you have information regarding this issue in connection with batteries? The Fuji Rep i spoke did not mention this. I purchased everything via Amazon with no reason to believe i was getting counterfeit gear... I should reiterate that I have been researching this issue since August of last year and have found postings about it all over the web. The consensus is that Fuji has made no official statement with regards to the issue. However, many XT-2 owners wh
  2. I purchased my XT-2 kit all at the same time. Batteries, grip and camera. I have 5 batteries in total. Also I sent my original grip to Fuji repair and they sent me back a new grip. The problem remains. My the grip simply does not function correctly when connected to the camera. The red batteries in the display seem to be the correct status...the additional power is not getting to the camera which affects both video and certain other features. When the grip is not attached camera works flawlessly.
  3. Hey everyone, Updated my X-T2 to the latest firmware yesterday and spent some time trying to resolve the issue with the grip. Remember, this is not my original grip i purchased but a refurbished one that Fuji Repair in NJ sent to me when i sent mine in. Unfortunately, the issues still persist. The camera functions perfectly normal without the grip attached. After many attempts at troubleshooting I think I may have some insight into the problem. Let me explain... What i think is occurring is that when attaching the grip to the camera, if not done "properly", then the contacts may no
  4. that is correct. I misspoke. The main issue still persists. Fully charged batteries in the grip appear as fully depleted on the XT2. Since I have a new grip from Fuji Repair, it seems the problem is with the camera software/firmware...
  5. Hello again, So I just now received my battery grip back from Fuji Repair located in New Jersey. It appears that they swapped it and sent me a working one. This is an option when you fill out the form to the repair center by the way, you can have them swap for faster turn around and I did select this choice. Unfortunately, once I re-connected the grip with batteries to my X-T2, I saw the same issue as before. The batteries show as fully depleted (red) even though they are fully charged. I have since plugged in the charger to the grip to charge the batteries once more to be extra sure. The
  6. Thanks for weighing in. Since writing my post I have done several more tests trying to see if i could get the intermittent problems to repeat. Here is what i found: *i have swapped batteries for all the tests to be sure the batteries are not the problem 1) if there is only a battery in the LEFT tray of the grip the camera will *not* turn on. if there is a battery in the RIGHT tray, the camera will turn on and show the RIGHT battery as depleted. 2) after removing the charging cord from the grip and powering on the camera, 95% of the time the batteries in the grip will *not* disp
  7. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and it concerns a strange issue i have been researching that i see others have been affected by as well. So far there has been no solution in any of various posts around the web. The problem is this: I have a barely used VPB grip for my XT-2. They were purchased at the same time. They are barely 4 weeks old in use, the grip much less so due to the issues. I have three of the newer batteries plus the one that comes with the camera. After fully charging all the batteries and putting the grip and camera together, the batteries in the grip displayed
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