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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the silver model looks like the silver part would just scrape off, showing black underneath?
  2. My X-T1 locked up on me a few weeks ago, and I did the same routine you, then I realized the drive knob was bumped half way between Single and Continuous Low. As soon as I reset that, problem went away. But I have had issues with these cameras locking up before, and the only thing to fix it is to pull the battery.
  3. Get an 18-135, and you won't ever have to switch lenses again!
  4. Beautiful images Robert. Were these edited RAW images, or in-camera JPEGs?
  5. One more question - has this always been the behavior of the X-E2, or did this just come about with FW4?
  6. Obviously people have been making wonderful images for decades with all different types of equipment. But for me, if I know I have to get the shot, I personally find myself reaching for a DSLR instead of the Fuji kit simply because my confidence level is higher. Of course, as you implied, I could just be a schlep who doesn't know how to use his equipment effectively, but to each his own.
  7. I actually have the custom function button set up, it's just a pain to use it sometimes!
  8. Thank you for clarifying! I've had members in other forums tell me that I'm obviously doing something wrong. Glad to know I'm not as dense as I look. Hopefully Fuji reads these forums and will bring back the ability to select different view modes for Shooting vs Playback. It is sorely missed!
  9. I couldn't agree more with this statement. I have a Fuji kit and a Canon kit. I use the Canons for Weddings or any paid job where I can't afford to miss a shot. I use the Fujis for my walkaround/landscape/personal photography. I still miss shots with the Canons, but usually it's because I'm not quick enough, not because the camera isn't quick enough. When I shoot with the Fujis, it always seems like they have a hard time keeping up, which diverts my attention off my subjects and ultimately frustrates me. I know there are folks out there who use Fujis in a professional capacity, but I cannot. And the trade-off in weight savings doesn't justify all the other 'quirks' I have to put up with. I need my professional equipment to be responsive and dependable. I have enough to worry about on a shoot without the stress of batteries dying suddenly, or the camera freezing up, or overheating because I've used it for hours on end, or the autofocus causing me to miss shots. I like Fujis for what they are, but they have a long way to go to catch up to the Canikons of the world - even with the latest advancements (XPro2, etc). It's for that reason that I don't think it's even fair to try compare the two, or expect that Fujis should be as good as a pro DSLR. Maybe one day they will be to the point that they can be compared, but for now they are not even in the same category.
  10. My X-E2 is behaving the same way. I am dumbfounded, as other users on here are claiming that 'it works fine for them'. I have reset my camera to factory defaults, and it still behaves the same way as you describe.
  11. Also, I handled the X-Pro2 recently at a Fuji event, and to me it didn't seem like the autofocus performance was substantially better than the X-T1. That was the primary reason I decided to go with a used X-E2 as opposed to shelling out $1700 for the latest and greatest.
  12. I have an X-E1 and an X-T1, and recently upgraded to a second-hand X-E2. With the new 4.0 firmware, the X-E2 really is on par (performance wise) with the X-T1. I'm still thinking about picking up an X-Pro1 though, because like you, I just love the look of the thing. The XPro series is also heavier and feels more substantial in the hand. I've never been a fan of the OVF though, and even if I had one, would probably not use it.
  13. I would love to see the ability to control aperture for ALL lenses with the back command dial. Since FW4 I find myself shooting on the T setting a lot, and using the front command dial to control shutter speed. The aperture ring can get changed too easily by accident, IMHO. This should be pretty easy to do with a firmware update since the option already exists, but is only enabled for lenses without an aperture ring. This would give more flexibility to the system, giving users the option to shoot in a consistent fashion regardless of which lens is used.
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