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  1. "Made in China" is not so bad anymore these days.
  2. What version? Red or gold ring? I'm guessing gold.
  3. Walking around with a small camera is nice but I definitely prefer the handling of the top models. Using big lenses with the X-T100 is not going to be far from ideal. I do feel that the EVF of the X-T1 is better but I mainly use the LCD screen. Other than that, the X-T100 does everything I want it do. Sure, AF won't be as good as top models but I don't use that either. Image quality is incredible. Björn Moerman says he can't really see IQ difference between the X-H1 and the X-T100. http://bjornmoerman.blogspot.com/2018/
  4. The camera is no longer a rumor but fact. I have the black one and paid 560 Euro for it. The Bayer sensor surely doesn't disappoint! It's small so a third party hand grip would be welcome.
  5. In my case, having a bigger battery that lasts twice as long isn't that important. I don't mind to take a second battery with me.
  6. Nothing new besides "better battery performance", whatever that means.
  7. I use a thin 'Nikon to Canon' adapter, which I can either put on a Lens Turbo II speed booster (EF-X) or a regular adapter (EF-X).
  8. Nobody said: "Hey it looks cute, I want it." As far as I can tell, the X-T100 has enough gizmos (like an EVF and a three-direction tilting screen) to make the experience satisfying.
  9. That's 599 Euro for the body alone, milandro. Prices should be the same in Belgium and The Netherlands. Yeah, my X-T1 still rocks too. Will it live forever? However, on paper, the X-T100 looks like it has superior IQ, unless the processor of the X-T100 screws things up, of course. Anyway, even if I decide not to buy one new, it would be hard to resist a used one for 400 Euro.
  10. Premium feel, EVF, tilty floppy screen, 24Mb Bayer sensor, no AA filter ... 599 Euro ... I might get me one of these! Ugly? I don't know about that ...
  11. No, for macro you'll need either a macro lens, extension tubes or close-up lenses. Close-up lenses can be very affordable and they are easy to use. You just screw them on your lens like a filter.
  12. I could live with 230 frames per battery. I guess that's what I'm doing now with my X-T1 (and I don't mind walking around with a second battery). The reason why I posted my doubts was because another X-H1 owner said he only could get 100 - 130 frames out of it. Very weird.
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