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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum. I have XT20 and XE1 (and Nikon D300 and D5300) 2 laptops and a desktop all running Debian Buster (10) and the USB connection works fine. Also an INTEL NUC running linux MINT and the USB works fine for all 4 cameras. Now I've bought and assembled a new INTEL NUC and installed Debian 10 again. I've updated the BIOS the D5300 mounts, the D5300 does not mount and needs GTKAM. The 2 fuji cameras also need GTKAM - and will not automount. Any suggestions as to why the fuji cameras automount on some machines and not others,
  2. Ive now looked at an XT-1 manual and the same note occurs also on page 3. suggest you try it David
  3. Right I think I've sorted it. In the manual for my XT10 I eventually found - "Control Lock To prevent accidental operation of thr selector Q .......press MENU/OK until -a yellow lock - appears. I've just done some intensive shooting and had not of the previous problems. I expect something like that is in the XT-1 as well. bottom of Page 3 in the XT1- manual
  4. I don't have an XT-2 - but do have an XT-10. But I sometimes get the same problem - reddish/pink files. I'm shooting normally and the colour balance is OK - and then all of a sudden pink pictures. If I enter the colour menus I see that the grid has moved to the far right (pink/red) side. Somewhere in the buttons there's one that automatically seems to do this. I haven't discovered which one it is. The buttons on the back a quite small and it's easy to press one by mistake and change an all important setting. I wouldn't mind betting that this is what you are doing - pressing a button ina
  5. The feature I least use - indeed cannot use - is one that doesn't exist ! But I'd use it a lot if it did exist. And that the ability to have proper file/folder management built in. All my Nikon digital slr cameras have this facility and I used it a lot- and I really mis it on my XT10. david
  6. Thanks. Yes a GPS is useful and I bought one (rather clumsy) by my Nikon D300. And I've briefly tested your suggestion on my XT10 and it works well. Thanks David
  7. Thanks. Yes a GPS is useful and I bought one (rather clumsy) by my Nikon D300. And I've briefly tested your suggestion on my XT10 and it works well. Thanks David
  8. Thanks for this something else for me to try. David
  9. Thanks - I tried to geotag app and it seems to work fine. Hadn't come across this app before - so thanks. David
  10. Thanks again. Your first suggestion is what I do already. The second one of using a Fuji Android app I haven't tried because I didn't know it existed. So thanks for that and I'll try it. Is there a specific app you are referring to ? Thanks David
  11. Thanks to all who recently replied. It strikes me - unless I still misunderstand - that the method described by Larry requires the photographer to remember where each thumb nail was taken so it can be catalogued. And that's my problem. Say I go to Italy - and I'm largely interested in taking photos of churches. I visit say 10 towns in 2 weeks and take lots of photos of churches in each town. When I get back home I want to have 10 collections - each with the photos in a given town. But I'll never remember when I get back where each one was - so unless I really am missing something I cann
  12. Thanks again I think I'm being dense because I still do not follow what you are doing. the sentence in your reply "The keywords following the camera identifier allow me to find the folder in the Images→2016 folder," has me confused. At the risk of asking too much - could you give a step by step reply of what you do and how oyu do it. sorry to be thick Thanks again
  13. Thanks for the reply. I think you are saying that I can create new folders as I proceed ?? If so how - I haven't discovered how to do this on by XT10. And the manual says nothing about this at all. Thanks David
  14. Recently bought a Fuji XT10 .I've still got my Nikon D300 and lenses, but wanted something lighter when travelling. Generally I'm highly satisfied - but haven't yet found a good way of handling many hundreds of photos - and I guess I'm missing something. I've discovered how to name photos - even though I don't thik it's in the manual. But the thing I really like on my D300 - and cannot find on my XT10 is a way to creat new folders as I shoot. So I'm in City A - take say 200 photos and they all go into the City A folder Then I go to City B - make a new folder - and the photos go into this
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