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  1. trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160412-00034_lr_full by Wanderer Bear
  2. Manual focus with scale on XF14 f2.8 is fantastic. trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00354_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00337_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00223_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00331_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160419-01394_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160415-00452_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00184_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00139_lr_full by Wanderer Bear, on Flickr : )
  3. I'm just new member of fuji-x-forum. I want to share some of my shots taken in Switzerland that I called Bus window project. All photos in this project, I've taken from bus window while it's running. So I used hyperfocal distance at f8-11 with high speed shutter(500+) for testing fujifilm mirorless camera performance(speed, focus and high iso). Cameras: X-T10 & X70 trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160413-00174_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160419-01397_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160419-01388_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00227_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160417-00815-lr_full by Wanderer Bear
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