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  1. Same problem on my XT2. The pattern is pretty horrific.
  2. Yes, I've experienced the same thing on my XT2. Hopefully there's a fix in the next firmware.
  3. Working with the XT2, I picked up a cheap non-electronic adapter for my old Canon FD lenses. Can't seem to find the menu function that would allow the shutter to work with the dumb adapter. Is there a switch in the menu or is this not possible?
  4. Yeah, it's certainly a weird flare. Must be the kick off of the sensor to the rear of the lens and back. Most of the other images in the series were fine, just a few that hit the lens just right to create that image.
  5. I was shooting some BTS images at a shoot the other day and and snapped a few facing the sun flaring the lens. I noticed this ugly sensor pattern once I brought the image into lightroom. I was shooting raw on the 50-140 (+1.4x converter). I did some research and saw it's been in other fuji cameras, does anyone know if there's a fix in the works for this? Hopefully the attached images show up.
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