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  1. Same problem on my XT2. The pattern is pretty horrific.
  2. Yes, I've experienced the same thing on my XT2. Hopefully there's a fix in the next firmware.
  3. Working with the XT2, I picked up a cheap non-electronic adapter for my old Canon FD lenses. Can't seem to find the menu function that would allow the shutter to work with the dumb adapter. Is there a switch in the menu or is this not possible?
  4. I was shooting some BTS images at a shoot the other day and and snapped a few facing the sun flaring the lens. I noticed this ugly sensor pattern once I brought the image into lightroom. I was shooting raw on the 50-140 (+1.4x converter). I did some research and saw it's been in other fuji cameras, does anyone know if there's a fix in the works for this? Hopefully the attached images show up.
  5. Thanks Frank. Everyone has a different take on what "cinematic" is. From my perspective the camera and the primes I've used thus far do have a cinematic look. The color out of the camera is pleasant and the highlight roll off is nice and smooth. The primes I'm using (18mm, 35mm2, 56mm) all seem to have a really nice focus roll off and a cat eye bokeh similar to a lot of cinema glass. Flare hasn't impressed me that much though. Lastly "Classic chrome" is one of the best stock camera profiles I've ever used, the desaturated highlights are spot on.
  6. Hello, I'm John in Los Angeles. I'm a professional cinematographer with loads of canon cinema gear. I wanted a different paint brush to work with for my personal photography and after playing with an XPro2 earlier in the year I felt Fuji was the right pick for me. Picked up the XT2 and a few lenses last week and now I'm having a blast! You can check out some of my stills and video work here: http://johnmgardiner.com/cinestill/ I'm on instagram @jmgardiner and if I ever remember my flickr account information I'll start posting there again too.
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