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  1. Ianchengdu The 18-135 I purchased last week for my X-T2 also makes a faint whirring noise only audible with my ear up close. It ceases when the camera sleep at 1 min. I notice poor battery life with this lens. I have pre-AF off, image stabilization off and the mode on the M-C-S switch is set to "S." The noise sounds like a tiny motor is running.
  2. Pete1959, I also hear a whirring noise from my 18-135 and 18-55 Fujinon lenses with my ear up close in a quiet room. The sound disappears when the camera sleeps or is powered off. It sounds like a tiny motor. I have Pre-AF off I have OIS off. I am in "S" on the M-C-S focus switch I've had this camera for 2 years and started noticing a more rapid battery drain. I wondered if something is not set right or working right. You mentioned some other ideas earlier in this forum. Thanks Stan
  3. I am also disappointed that TIFFs are only available for the GF and not the X-T2. I always shoot RAW + hi quality JPEG. I keep the JPEGs for images that aren't worth keeping in RAW but that I don't want to discard. Studio could be useful if I decide after the shot that I wanted a different JPEG film simulation. But happens rarely to never. So essentially Raw Studio gives you the opportunity for a do-over on the film simulation selection you made during the shoot by pushing the RAW back through the camera as though it were just shot.
  4. My X-T2 has been flawless since purchase in September 2016. I did upgrade firmware to 1.10. After not using it for a month, I am now getting totally black images. The image is fine in the viewfinder with the exposure correct. A file records on the SD card, which looks to be the same byte count as usual. But the image is totally black. I do get an image that looks normal on the card only when I select Mechanical Shutter. Electronic Shutter as well as ES+MS just records a black image. I downloaded another copy of firmware 1.10 and reflashed the camera. No help. I tried both user resets. Finally, removing the battery for 5 minutes restored the electronic shutter mode and it seems to be working right again. I did speak to Fuji Support and got sent to a second level. He said this was the first such report for the X-T2. Stan
  5. I just upgraded to firmware so I need to see if it still happens.
  6. This happens maybe once or twice during any particular shooting session. I am using the same 18-55 kit lens on my X-T2 that came with my X-T1. (I only bought the X-T2 body). I've never used any other Fuji lens and don't know if it's a camera or a lens problem therefore. Funny thing, as I mentioned above, is that it never happens if I use the camera in a vertical position with the card hatch facing down.
  7. I know there are other threads about this error message that comes up periodically on other Fuji X cameras. I am experiencing it once again on my new X-T2. It happened on my X-T1. When I turned the camera to vertical orientation, I got an error message to turn off and turn on the camera. That's exactly what is happening with my X-T2. I saw all the traffic about this with other X series camera with various explanations. It only happens on both my X-T1 and X-T2 when the camera goes vertical with the right side (SD card hatch) up. It's a minor annoyance because I rarely shoot anything that won't be in the same place 3 seconds later. Anyone else having this issue? Stan
  8. Another experiment, which comes from https://thelightweightphotographer.com/2016/10/03/fuji-xtrans-iii-raw-files/ I used his settings ( 36-0.6-57-10) and then used Nik Sharpener RAW at its default settings. Here is the comparison to Iridient. Pretty close at 2:1 magnification. My screen is a 5K, not 4K as mentioned above. Iridient still has a slight edge but I don't know if it's actually meaningful. In any event, this is a long way from "watercolor" effect. Stan https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/444303/Screen%20Shot%202016-10-16%20at%2012.00.56%20PM.jpg
  9. Just came back from shooting foliage in Western Massachusetts. Here is a snippet of one image processed with LR and one processed with Iridient and imported into LR as a TIFF. The image was made during zero wind--just absolutely still. The screenshot is from the LR Compare window. Both were sharpened with Bridgwood's 35-1-100-10 setting. The magnification is 2:1. The screenshot is from a 4K iMac. I can just start seeing a difference at 2:1 and a little more at 3:1. I can't see a difference at 1:1. I wouldn't say the LR version has "watercolor" degradation but the Iridient is a little sharper. Iridient is painfully slow on my iMac to first render and to show slider changes. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/444303/Screen%20Shot%202016-10-15%20at%2012.53.37%20PM.jpg
  10. I made a bunch of images in JPEG but didn't keep track of what film simulation I had the camera set to. Lightroom in Develop > Camera Calibration just says "embedded" and the simulation doesn't show up in Library > Metatdata. Is there any way to display the simulation I used?
  11. The X-T1 was a game changer for me. It cut my photoback weight in half yet gave me better quallty photos compared to my cropped sensor Nikon. The X-T2 improved that even more with the little things: Can change the battery without removing the ballhead quick release plate. I no longer change the drive mode when adjusting the ISO, a regular occurrence on the X-T1 which led to many instances of inadvertent continuous shooting. Having the ability to unlock the ISO and shutter speed dials is a big one. The readout data displayed in the EVF is really nicer The two axis LCD screen is great. No more lying on the ground when doing a vertical ground level shot with the camera on an inverted center column The 4 way selector buttons on the back are finally fingertip detectable. I'm glad the small drops of Sugru on my X-T1 buttons comes off easily. Playback view selection is multiple presses of the Back button and not a two-button affair. Sadly, overexposure blinkies is not available on the larger views. Formatting a card doesn't require menu navigation. Nice latch on the card door. My only concern is whether I can learn all the functions well enough to use them in the field before X-T3 comes out. I keep the manual on my iPhone for brain freezes when there's only a few moments when the light is right.
  12. One of the few but remarkable disappointments of my X-T1 was the ability to bracket only one stop +/-. Now the X-T2 offers 2 EV bracketing but only on AE Bracketing but not ISO bracketing. ISO bracketing is still limited to +/- 1 EV. One of the great freedoms of digital over film is the ability to bracket without adjusting shutter or F-stop. I don't understand this limitation. Thanks Stan
  13. Page 79 of the manual talks about the two AF technologies. TTL contrast-detect AF offers more focus points (A) than intelligent hybrid AF (B), which combines phase-detection with TTL contrast-detect AF. Are these selected by the camera based on light conditions? I don't see a toggle in the menu and there's only one other unhelpful reference in the manual. Thanks, Stan
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