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  1. Hey everybody, I'll be on a 2 week trip all over Italy, ( amalfi, rome, tuscany, venice, florence) and i was hoping to hear some opinions as to what lenses would be best to take there. I have the X-T2 body and 16mm f1.4 + 18-135mm f4, but since my girlfriend has the X-T1 i was hoping to get another lens to have an extra option. I've never been to Italy, so not sure what to expect as far as places, moving around with the extra weight and security issues etc. (we'll be hitting the train, bus, driving, and hiking around) I've been drooling over the 10-24mm or the 35mm f2 for a while now. but im open to any suggestions. Money is an issue, but to be honest its just a matter of time till i get both. And i think with the trip coming soon it would be a good opportunity to bite the bullet, get it and take advantage of it in Italy. One more thing, as a bonus... I didn't want to bring with me the booster grip cause its very heavy. however i thought it would make sense to bring it along instead of the battery charger, it will charge 2 batteries on a single plug. ( 2 chargers are still lighter than the grip ) Thanks so much for your opinion on the lenses and if you have any other tip about traveling to Italy or travel photography in general is greatly appreciated.
  2. Anybody else has an issue with the LCD showing white lines couple pixels wide from top to bottom across the whole screen? ( like the attached image ) EVF seems fine and images are fine too, seems like an issue with LCD only. as much as i hate it, i think ill have to send the camera to fuji
  3. The trick here is the cable itself. not where you plug it into. I've been charging my xt2 almost exclusively with a usb micro cable connected to my xbox (the same i use to connect the controller) and it seems to work fine and just as fast as it charges if i plug it into a computer, any usb-to-wall plug or a little usb battery i have. Using a usb 3 micro cable charges much faster. on the other hand, im sure taking the battery out of the camera and usig the charger is still much faster than thru the usb.
  4. I find that very annoying as well. I dunno if you can disable it, tho. I dont really use the Q for that reason, what worked for me is to set the functions i use the most on the hard buttons. i have the self-timer on the Fn2 button (the one in the front next to the lens) it pops a menu to select the time and i can change it using the lever or selector buttons (or dial). So i rarely use the dial for anything other than fine-tuning the shutter speed
  5. HA! That makes a lot of sense. I do have Long Exposure NR ON... Its weird how it only does it only on exposures longer than 8s. I'll turn it off and see how it goes... Maybe, is worth keeping on... Thanks a lot.
  6. Cheers!. Coming from the DSLR world, got used to turning on the camera in the morning and turning it off 3 weeks later when the battery was getting low. I'll give it a go to have it mostly turned off and see if i can get more pics per charge. And im not a chimper. Unless the .5s preview after the shot counts as chimping.
  7. Hi all, I was doing some long exposure photos last night and i noticed that anything over 8sec long it will pop this 'processing' screen and takes a very long time. ( 30-40 sec)... 6" exposure works pretty quick. Its anything over 8. I don't think there's much difference in the 'processing' times between 8" or longer exposures like 20" ( there may be a difference, but hard to tell ) Im sure there's a scientific answer to this. Anybody noticed this or knows why? BTW. i was using power grip on boost mode. Cheers!
  8. Hey There. Was wondering if anybody has any tips or tricks to save battery life. When i go out to shoot i usually have to take a spare battery with me. ( Which isn't too bad ). But got me thinking about what can i do to squeeze a few more photos out of a battery. For example, i usually have the camera on EVF with the sensor, so its off unless i want to look thru it. The problem i noticed is that when the camera is hanging from my neck my body also triggers the sensor and turns on the screen... I can't find a 'screens off' view mode, so the only way to have all the screens of would be turning off the camera. ( also, it would be awesome to have that view mode button configurable, so i can put it somewhere else... its very uncomfortable to use where it currently is ) Is it ok to be turning on/off the camera every few minutes to take a picture and have it off most of the time?. Any issues with the hardware? The biggest downside would be the startup time, I guess. Or is there any other pitfall? Does anybody has a good battery saving tip or thing to do?
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