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  1. Hello everyone, I have a X-Pro2 running firmware 5.0 and am considering buying a second hand Nissin i60a plus the Air Commander. I asked the seller if it has high speed syncronisation and he confirmed this with photos showing the Nissin flash screen with H with a flash icon and one of the Fuji camera screen showing the TTL mode as a flash icon and TTL with the Sync as a flash icon and FP. When I go into the flash settings all I can see is shown below. If I connect a flash or the AIr Commander 1 to the hot shoe would the display change to show the other sync modes including flash icon FP for HSS? Thanks
  2. I've received an email with what appears to be a bargain at £23 for the Franzis Photographers Projects Collection of software (electronic download). It comprises: Sharpen Denoise HDR Projects 5 NEAT Projects Does anyone have any experience of these packages? I briefly tried the Denoise about a year ago but missed the offer by a few days so I'm keen not to dilly dally htis time round if the consensus is positive. The only software I use is Photoshop 6.0 on a PC running Windows 7 and the built in software on my Macbook Pro running Sierra 10.12.6 Thanks
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