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  1. I think : 1. Sony a9 specs is a real "wow" 2. Some people choose camera majorly based on spec, some are not 3. SteveHuff can write anything he wants on his site, i can choose whatever i want to read on any site 4. I used to read steve site regularly, but not anymore. I read the guest post, rarely read steves review. I think he is a leica n sony fanboy, and a bit of oly too That said I'll stick to my fujis and enjoy it Btw, i was a sony dslr user, back then...
  2. Really wish to go there someday. Nice post, nice pic. Love the alleways
  3. Nice picture kevin. I'll wait an update especially the Rajashtan image, i'll be there in August this year.
  4. X-E3 = X-E2 with Xpro 2 sensor + film simulation + AF and X-T2 tilting lcd screen Thats all...
  5. beautiful set... love the 3rd most....
  6. From my home country, Borobudur, Indonesia
  7. "The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality". Scott Lorenzo
  8. All New X-E1....(the old X-E1 with new super firmware update)!!!!!!
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