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  1. I Love my 35 f/1.4. I picked up the 35 F/2 for $299 the other day to compare it to the 1.4. The jury is still not out. I will take my time with it. So far the size, build and focus trump that of the 35 1.4. I have yet to determine if it has the same magic IQ rendering as the 35 1.4, which is very special!
  2. I unintentionally scratched the LCD on my X100T by throwing it on top of my 50-140 in my Pelican. If I can only turn back time to correct my stupidity That being said, it's his camera and his choice to do what he wants. I like the look of a brassed camera....Leica buyers will pay a premium for a celebrity endorsed brassed camera....which is crazy to me!
  3. They are just like old Polaroids. Not sure about color loss as I have only had it for four or five months...I would imagine like a Polaroid over time the color would change. The SP-1 is an essential part of my kit.
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