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  1. 5000-6400 ISO with the teleconverter 1.4, 2500-3200 without it
  2. It works very good...and also it works very good with the Teleconverter 1.4x. Is sharp and the autofocus is untouched in the speed and precision! HCB Bolzano vs Vienna by Matthias Egger, su Flickr
  3. Already subscribed to you but "softness" is outstanding!
  4. Zone focus 3x3 with the 4th setting of the Autofocus! JPEG Provia Sharpness +2 Shadows +1 Noise -2 Color +2
  5. Thanks milandro!!! Appreciated!
  6. Is not a studio shot but i like it! The focus of the captain! T2+90mm ALEXANDER EGGER by Matthias Egger, su Flickr
  7. I opened a thread at the Day One of the X-T2 (literally picked from the shop and brought at the match 6 hours later, alongside my Canon 1Dx of course because was work and needed to be sure of the result): http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/4623-x-t2-does-it-work-for-hockey/ I can now say after months of work that i prefer working with my T2 over the Canon. I use the Canon onlt in the Hockey stadiums where i need the extra light that my 300 2.8 can provide (please Fuji, start to make a 300 F2.8 please). Now i am very satisfiied of the performance of the T2, even when using the teleconverter. This are some of the latest photos i made HCB Bolzano vs Salzburg by Matthias Egger, su Flickr HCB Bolzano vs Vienna by Matthias Egger, su Flickr
  8. Sorry, missed this reply. I was shooting above the Plexi
  9. I added the 1,4x Teleconverter in order to be able to shoot also from the stands! it works pretty well HCB Bolzano vs Znojmo by Matthias Egger, su Flickr HCB Bolzano vs Innsbruck by Matthias Egger, su Flickr
  10. I know but when you make such a strong statement you must be 100% sure to have the reason... And that is why i dislike such sentences!
  11. I really dislike that sentence! And for my experience is simply not true. And i shoot Hockey for work, i can't think to a sport that is more fast and difficult to shoot than that because of the combination of extreme speed/low light!
  12. Great opportunity for me to shoot something outside my usual work (Sport). I made a work with 2 great models and 2 great Harley Davidson.
  13. Yes...learned to set the WB, was easier than the Canon infact, but i needed a brain reboot For the tight action shots and raw shooting you need to wait for tomorrow when i will do another match! And yes you were really close to me, i go to that wonderful lake very often...not for work...only fun
  14. Ok some updates! I used the 2 AF setting that keeps the focus also when something appears in front of the original object. Seems like the correct choice because the camera now is a razor and i have very few images out of focus. also i was able to set the WB spot on, i made an error the first time. This is from another city, keep in mind that they may be very bright depending on your monitor because i need them that way (the paper of the newspaper is shit) Innsbruck, Austria Clark Seymour by Matthias Egger, su Flickr Then i came back to my home city and made this for a work where i put also some editing to replicate a work that i made with the Canon. Really i must say that working the jpg's of the Fuji is simply easier because the start is better ! Color is nicer and i tuned the noise setting to -1. This gave me much better skin tones and also preserve the details! Brodie Reid by Matthias Egger, su Flickr Nick Palmieri and Luca Frigo by Matthias Egger, su Flickr Andrew Yogan by Matthias Egger, su Flickr Bonus B&W Referees Bolzano-Linz 18/09/2016 by Matthias Egger, su Flickr
  15. Is the Palonda yes...nice eye mate . Is pretty much the same workflow as me apart from the fact that I will ingest all the photos (also I use PhotoMechanic) and I have 15 minutes after the first period of the game to send the images! So I usually skip the rating you make in the first 10min. Easier job for me because sometimes I can even send them after the game and not after the first period Tomorrow I will go in a foreign city to shoot another match but Sunday I am again at the Palaonda and will report new thing I will experience: 1. White Balance to set correctly (didn't like that one above, but 1 min was too fast to learn) 2. Correctly set the AF behavior 3. Will try to shoot the difficult and most intense action If you want send me your email in PM so I remember to post for you! Unfortunately seems that my Battery Grip isn't arrived, so unless tomorrow will be a surprise, also this 2 matches will be shooted without BG!
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