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  1. Oh, thanks a lot! That did not occur to me and since I almost never set the camera to jpeg only, I just did not realize this could be the reason. Thanks.
  2. I am in RAW+Jpeg. Advanced Filter can be selected, along with Motion Panorama, Single Shot mode and Exposure Bracketing Mode. All the other ones are greyed out.
  3. Hi, I've searched everywhere I could but can't seem to figure this out - I've got all bracketing drive modes greyed out on my x100t. Video recording as well ( though setting up Fn button to record video can be used to start recording). I've searched through the camera but haven't found any solution. I did not reset the camera to factory settings since I've got a lot of custom settings set up, but it might help eventually. Does anyone have idea what might be causing this? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have to say this looks weird, from my experience, I used 35/1.4, then after few months purchased 23/1.4 and I was completely struck how sharp it is from 1.4, quick focusing, and overall I was very happy with the performance of the lens. Are your pictures shot in full manual mode? The 23 one looks kind of noisy...
  5. Get the Fujinon. It's one of best lenses I've ever used so far regarding IQ. Old lenses with f/1.4 don't exist if you're planning adapting a 'vintage' lens.
  6. Hi, I've heard Takumar 55 is good. If you have a chance to get it cheap, I'd go for it. I have one Minolta 50/1.4, but haven't used it much really. And classic Helios 58/2, which is quite fun, but I usually leave these vintage lenses home when I want to travel kind of light, since they're quite heavy and space consuming.
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