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  1. Isn't this a gimbal head? The quick release clamp/plate is for attachment of long/tele lens, that's why it is so narrow.
  2. Thanks for your reply. That's what I thought must be the case, although I clicked on the .RAF file to look for its property and not asking for its embedded JPEG property, apparently Windows 10 cannot do that. I have no problem displaying the image thumbnails in Windows explorer, once again that would be the embedded JPEG I am looking at.
  3. I noticed my X-T1 RAF file dimensions is shown as 1920x1280 (32.2 MB) under "Properties|Details" in Windows. However, the 100% jpeg output from Capture one shows 4896x3264 (20.0 MB), and in Lightroom the same 100% jpeg export is shown as 4406x2937 (5.62 MB). Setting in the camera is "L 3:2", which is as RAW as you can get. Shouldn't the RAF file be 4896x3264 as indicated in page 126 in the X-T1 manual under image size? Or did I mess up some settings?
  4. First time X-T1 user here learning to use flash on the X-T1 and I am having some trouble. I am using a flash (non-Fuji) in auto mode set to ISO 200 and F/5.6. I set the X-T1 and the lens to these settings and then turn the shutter speed to 1/180. Because I am in a dim room the viewfinder and LCD are both very dark. When I half-press the shutter the viewfinder will light up for a split second and become dark again, and when I fully press the shutter release the flash goes off and the resulting picture turns out okay. However, the dark viewfinder does not make focusing and framing easy. It will be bright again if I turn the lens back to A instead of f/5.6, but then the picture ends up totally over-exposed. Am I missing some settings in the menu?
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