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  1. Probably a useless reply, but have you updated the firmware of your lens / camera? Perhaps ....
  2. Thanks for the information... I did not know that about a "metal helicoid"... good to know! And your #2, metal ring... did not know this either. Very helpful...
  3. Morning... Shooting Menu ( red ) #3 last pick: Shoot without Lens, On or Off, whichever you need Select lens size in selection right above the Shoot without lens: Mount Adaptor Setting To set camera to MF the button is on the front, right of lens
  4. Thank you for this information... have you actually used one that will do this?
  5. 1/ 18 f/2 mostly for closeup, macro 2/ 60 f/2.4 for tele or landscape 3/ 80 f/2.8 macro when it is released with the 1.4 TC This will depend on the weight. The pictures I have seen of it make it as large as the 90mm, so we will see... 4/ 35 f/2 Have considered this, but with my first two, not sure I really need it. We will see...
  6. Since I have found that the 18mm has a short mfd, I use it for closeup... I use my 60 macro for other things...
  7. MSW...as you mention there are two adapters, do you mean for all Nikon lenses, or for the AF lenses?
  8. My greatest love... Fuji XT-1 with Nikon 100E f/2.8 lens My Honey weedeating!
  9. Good representations of the damage to the flooded homes... Thank you for posting these!
  10. Good idea, bodkat... I have the noise problem on a photovest I use with Velcro pocket closures. I took some velvro and cut it the length of one of the sides on each pocket, and no more sound!
  11. Appreciate the Gordy strap link, Tom... along with the explanation of the straps you have used and why you are using the one you now use. Will need to check into these...
  12. Thanks for the Link, strandloper, along with the information. Good point about using a neck strap and being the 3rd hand.
  13. It would certainly be nice to hear about some of these "better" wrist straps. I have never used one and would like to get a comfortable strap. I am not in the habit of dropping my camera/lens, but the grip is so small on the XT-1 I thought this would be a possible safeguard.
  14. I have to agree with Hermelin... smaller and lighter is why I bought my XT-1 to use along with my Nikons...
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