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  1. I have been offered the WCL/TCL combo for my X100F. price is right so I'm tempted. Seller tells me that these are the Mk1 version and each need a magnet to make them wrok like Mk11 versions. Can someone explain what this means? What do the magnets do, and where do they go? Is this to do with confusing some electrics? Many thanks.
  2. Just use the Free(!!!) Adobe DNG convertor. Google is your friend. Convert the RAW files to DNG and off you go. My T2 isn't recognised by LR5 so this is what I do. Adds an extra step in the processing but isn't too onerous or time consuming.
  3. At the weekend I was shown a modified Chinese L bracket. Solid as a rock. The cost is apparently half that of the Kirk and a fraction of the RRS bracket. Works in portrait mode with 90 degree or straight connectors. I've asked the guy who did the mod to do one for me. My friend said that he had a "Eureka" moment when looking at his and trying to work out the cable problem. I have to agree that the solution is perhaps too obvious and that's why no-one has thought of it before. Thinking outside the box and all that stuff. Hope to have mine in a week or so. Looking forward to it.
  4. Thank you for your help. I've just tried to order through my Amazon UK account and am getting nowhere fast. I e-mailed them when I saw this post but have had no reply, so it doesn't look too good. Shucks.
  5. That's very good. I spoke to the UK distributors and they told me that Sunwayphoto had no intention of making one. Looks like they've changed their minds.
  6. Damn. That's USA and post will be stoopid to this side of the pond.
  7. I use it for remote triggers. No problem on either the T1 or T2.
  8. I went to a motor race meeting yesterday. I machine gunned over 1300 large JPEGs on one battery. Still had one bar left. Seems good enough for me.
  9. But it doesn't format the card(s). It merely deletes the images which is a completely different operation!
  10. Yup. In GB grip is priced at £300. If bought at the same time as the body the price drops to £200.
  11. Pre-ordered my X-T2 today without the grip. Even the discount wasn't enough to persuade me to buy something that only offers marginal performance improvements other than in frame rate, and as I seldom shoot motorsport/BIF it seems like spending £200 just to save spending £300.
  12. Thank you very much for that info. As I suspected I will have to wait a few weeks to get a bracket but I can live with that.
  13. Hello. First post on here. I have been running an X-T1 for some years now. Almost certainly will buy the T2 when it comes out. I like to use an L bracket, although I could get away with just a base plate if pushed. When I try and fit a standard Arca clamp to my T1 the battery door is covered. The door is only clear if I use an L bracket with the appropriate cut out. Does anyone know what is happening with L brackets for the T2? I don't want to have to remove the base plate every time a battery needs changing. I presume that someone in darkest China is working on new brackets, or is the dif
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