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  1. I did turn off compression a while ago due to some PC software not supporting it, and did not encounter any lockups since then.
  2. amazing shots! Would you mind to share some details on how you took them? Were you hiding behind a blind or on a high stand?
  3. I'm using the same card (64GB) and did encounter quite a lot of freezes during a birthday party. A few random freezes every now and then. The card was working perfectly on the X-T1.
  4. Hi members, trying to print from an X-T2 to the Instax SP-2 did not work. The connection did always abort when printing. Tried android on an LG phone, did not work either. Was thinking about returning the unit but it finally did function from an iPad. The shipped firmware on the SP-2 is too old for direct in-camera printing. An upgrade solved that. A small note in the box would have been helpful. At least it's stated in the Fuji FAQ: http://instax.com/share/en/faq/ The Android phone did not find the printer as GPS was not turned on. br Hari
  5. Mike, your suspicion is wrong. I wonder why you did post without knowing the answer. And Miguel, that refers to the external battery charger. It's specified to 8,4v as that's two times (as the X series battery consists of two cells) the 4,2 LiPo cell voltage (fully charged). That has *nothing* to do with the USB charing function of the X-T2. LiPo batteries require special charging, hence the X-T2 has a built in charging circuit for the internal battery. That one is fed via USB power supply lines. The initial post is talking about iPhone/iPad "chargers". Which is technically not correct. They're just power supplies that provide power via the USB socket. As Bobj already mentioned, the voltage and the pinout is standardised on USB. All of these USB "chargers" from devices like Android phones/tablets work fine with the X-T2. Same for cigarette plug USB power adapters. They're just linear converters which drop the 12V from the car battery to 5V and provide it via the USB plug. No need to worry about the battery. It also does not matter how many amps the power supply can deliver. If it is too few, charing will just take longer. if the power supply can provide more (e.g. 2A is quite standard on nowadays USB "chargers"), the internal charging circuit of the X-T2 will just draw the current it needs. So long story short, yes, you can use the iPad/iPhone USB power adapter to charge the X-T2.
  6. It works fine on my iPad and also on Android (6.0).
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