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  1. Thanks. I am affraid Fuji is not ready now to compete with Sony AF-C/Eye performance though can make some improvements that we will probably see soon via firmware update. Processing power can't be the only reason because X-T3 has it but its AF-C/Eye performace seems far behind A6400. I suspect Fuji will not change EVF in X-T30 so there will be same tiny EVF with short eye point and x62 magnification. What bothers me more is what video features X-T30 will get ? I do not think we will se 4K60p, rather 4K30p but if it does not have F-Log and FHD 120p slow motion it will be trully unimpressive Fuji camera in 2019 - for video and stills.
  2. So it's true about AF.... https://www.fujirumors.com/eye-af-compared-fujifilm-x-t3-vs-sony-a6400-vs-sony-a9-vs-sony-a6500-vs-sony-a7r-iii-by-tony-northrup/ Fuji needs to put in X-T30 many good features to compete with new A6400 that really impress.
  3. So we konow now that A6400 (vs X-T30) will probably have better AF-C/Face/Eye and probably much better EVF (x70 vs x62). These 2 are quite important differences. But what about video? A6400 has Hybrid Log-Gamma, S-Log2 and S-Log3, Zebra, Gamma Display and Full HD 120 fps at up to 100 Mbps! Will X-T30 offers them, at least F-log, FHD 120p and Zebra? If not it will be in 2019 waste of money.
  4. If it has f-log and slow motion FHD, I will buy it, otherwise not. It will rather have Eterna and AF from X-T3. I suppose there will be huge competition in 2019 also in this segment of cameras, therefore Fuji should put in X-T30 also 4K60p, otherwise in late 2019 it will be just so so camera. I am really exicting about Z6 that is getting ProRes RAW 12 bit. If there is no crop it will be really amazing. Hope X-T30 will also be exicting.
  5. renes

    Fuji X-Pro2 F-Log

    Use ProNegStand film simulation, -2 shadow, -2 light, -2 sharpness and NR Try to decrease also colour setting - to your taste.
  6. I still have both and for EVF itself I prefer to use X-E2. The EVF with shorter eye-point and even a bit lower magnification is the worst part of X-E3. It's trully the worst EVF I have experienced in last few years (try Sony, Oly and Panasonic). Add its terrible eyepiece and you feel it's point-and-shot style EVF. Of course X-E2 EVF is not that great too but I see how better and more comfortable I frame with it compared to X-E3 one. I am not suppriced that X-E3 is not selling well. Fuji did big mistake bringing X-E3 with such poor EVF... same with removing d-pad and not bringing at least simple tilt LCD like X-A line have.
  7. Fuji has again forgotten about X-E3 users... It could bring Eterna, slow motion and -1EV AF sensitivity.... at least.
  8. This does not look good to me, is it because of Samsung sensor in X-T3?: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61677446
  9. It looks like X-E3 is not loved by Fuji's Kaizen besides a few bugs fixing. Maybe we can make our list of firmware upgrade to remind Fujifilm about X-E3 users? Here are mine: 1. Eterna film simulation 2. 120p slow motion in Full HD renes, A moment ago Edit Report
  10. renes

    Fuji X-E3 rumors

    Where is Kaizen for X-E3 besides its bugs fixing? Did Fuji forget it so quickly? It would not hurt X-T2/3 sales if Fuji would bring Eterna film simulation and 120p slow motion in Full HD.
  11. renes


    100 Iso base Bigger buttons and better placement, i.e AF-L, AE-L Tilt LCD - 3 EV focusing sensitivity NR setting for each iso value A bit smaller body Better battery Better EVF - it's poor Small 16/2 WR prime
  12. renes

    Your X Lens wishlist

    Small WR: 16/2 90/2.8
  13. My wish list: D-Pad Bigger EVF Tilt LCD Made in Japan
  14. Right, that's why it does not look like X-E2 successor.