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  1. Sorry for such a novice question but is there a way to set the camera so it will automatically rotate the image when I turn the camera while reviewing the image?
  2. I recently called FF NA to order a new (lost) eyepiece for my x-pro 2...and they sent this attached photo. Really? I do not remember what the piece that was there looked like. Is this it? If not what is? Thank you for you help!
  3. UPDATE: There and back in under 14 days! Although I could not read the handwriting...something was replaced! Thank you Fuji_NorthAmerica
  4. UPDATE: Fuji N. America is having me send it back for repair. Ugh
  5. Hello all! Other than switching "view mode"...is there something I could have done that has caused the rear screen to stop working? I have tried all that I can think of but nothing. Bought through B&H Thank you for your time! -sb
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