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  1. I found the answer myself in the preferences of the X-Acquire software there is a setting for this. There is a JPEG and a RAW checkbox for "Specify the filme formats to be saved onto the memory card in the camera".
  2. I am using the X-Pro2 with the X-Acquire software for tethered shooting via USB to a Windows PC. Unfortunately the images are only saved to the PC but do not get stored on the SD cards. Is there a way to save the images on the SD cards and at the same time have them transferred to the PC while shooting?
  3. I have the X-Pro2 and the EF20 Flash. When I want to use the flash I need to manually set the shutter (usually from "A") to "250X" set the ISO (usually from "A") to "200". This is a very tedious task because it is usually dark (hence the flash), which makes it hards to see the dials the ISO dial is not what I would call ergonomic the flash obstructs the dials a bit Is there a way to quicker switch between those two shooting modes? Maybe using some sort of presets?
  4. According to the image below, 4.00 will have both tethered and Wi-Fi shooting. It also says (whatever the *means) Can someone explain how the workflow will most likely look like for tethered shooting Wi-Fi shooting Will it only work with X Acquire? Will I be able to transfer both RAW and JPEG? Is macOS fully supported? How much time does it take to transfer one RAW or one JPEG image tethered or with Wi-Fi? I don't use Lightroom, I use Capture One. It has a feature called "hot folder" where it watches a folder for new incoming images and displays them immediately. 5. Will I be able to select a folder on the file system of my laptop, where the images are transferred to?
  5. Looks like support for tethered shooting is coming late December. Too bad they don't explain what * in "the compatible software*" actually means.
  6. Just figured it out. For some strange reason the menu items just appear greyed out but they are not. When I press Q, the image is actually processed. I really have no clue why Fujifilm did that. The menu items are definitely much greyer than usual (e.g. in the main menu). Is there a secret meaning/purpose behind this I haven't figured out yet? Another thing that fooled me is that when I scrolled through the film simulation modes the little preview image never changes, the simulation is not applied to the preview. Is that the way it is supposed to be? As for "CROP" this can only be applied to JPEGS not to RAWs, am I right?
  7. In the playback menu of my X-Pro 2 all items under "RAW CONVERSION" such as "FILM SIMULATION" and "GRAIN EFFECT" are disabled (greyed out). Additionally I cannot use "CROP" "RESIZE" in the playback menu. If I use it I get an error message "! (RAW) CANNOT EXECUTE". What could be a possible reason for this?
  8. What about this high framerate option? (I forgot what it's called)
  9. The flash EF X-20 is very small and is very close to the body when attached to the X-Pro 2. I suspect that when the lenses become too large, they will obscure the the light of the flash and it will affect the area that is illuminated, there will probably be darkened areas because the big lens is in the way of the emitted light. Do you have any experience what lenses do not obscure at all, what lenses work "good enough" and what lenses are definitely too big for this flash on the X-Pro 2?
  10. That app lets me transfer pictures after shooting. So I have to completely interrupt shooting go into a lot of sub-menus, setup everything and the transfer pictures I need to select first. It is much easier and quicker to just take out the SD-card and insert it into the Mac.
  11. So unlike for Lightroom there is no plugin for shooting tethered with the X-Pro 2 and Capture One, which is very unfortunate. But Capture One has the concept of a "hot folder" that it can watch and it will display the new images right away as they come in from the camera. So is there any way I can send the RAW images to a computer (macOS) either wirelessly or with a cable while I shoot?
  12. When K Mount lenses are mounted to a Pentax SLR, the aperture is *always* fully open no matter what is currently set at the aperture ring. Only when I trigger the shutter or when I press the depth of field preview button the configured aperture is actually set. This is because of the aperture nose (https://onlinephotoinstitute.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/surgery-7779.jpg) . I was (wrongly so) assuming that it works the same way with the adapter. Hence I though (wongly so) I need to tell the camera what aperture will be used when the shutter is triggered. Thanks for clearing that up. So the viewfinder of the X-Pro 2 will actually always get darker when I stop down the lens? I would want to tell the camera the focal length of the lense because I want it to be present in the EXIF data in the optical viewfinder I would like to see the correct "bright frame" hinting the correct angle of view At least for 2., but probably also for 1. I would want to apply the correct crop factor.
  13. How would I expose correctly? I constantly would need to tell the camera, what the current aperture is for it to calculate shutter and/or ISO correctly. Since the lenses are "full frame" I guess I need to apply some sort of crop factor when I set the aperture and focal length on the camera. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk Pro
  14. So I am out in the field an I forgot to bring enough batteries, my battery is about to die. What are the optimal settings for the X-Pro2 to squeeze the last bit of usage time out that battery? Let's make a list of relevant settings.
  15. From my old Pentax LX have have a lot of very good lenses that I now would like to mount to the X-Pro2. I have some questions: 1. What is the best adapter for this? 2. Where can I read more on how to work with adapted "full frame" manual (Pentax) lenses on the X-Pro2?
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