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  1. Thanks for your answer He was right : It looks like one of the advanced filter effects is turned on. Have a look here: http://fujifilm-dsc....lter/index.html
  2. Omg, you are amazing it is on indeed. I was scared something broke. Never use that. Think it turned while I took my camera out of my bag.
  3. Hello all. I just received my 16mm f1.4 and today I went out to shoot and try it out. Can anyone tell me why the jpg straight out of the camera looks so fuzzy all over and the raw file is perfectly sharp? New to this lens so still kinda clueless. Thanks.
  4. When I want to take a picture it takes lightmetering like 1 to 2 sec to catch up.any clue what cam cause this? On a trip in Japan now so I thought let ask some people here
  5. Thanks for your answer. I dont know either, just beceause i dont know a thing i am apperently clueless on everything
  6. Well, I am sorry I said something wrong my bad that I thought the A on the switch on my lens was auto. You could have chosen to be a nice person and not arrogant one about it. It still didn't answer my question why if in full manual mode I see my evf chance from underexposed to overexposed or just right and why it's not happening when not fully in manual mode. I just thought that was / is weird.
  7. When i have all on manual i can see how dark the picture is etc in the evf. But when i put aperture in auto and the rest in manual i cant see it in the evf and it shows it if all is fine untill you actually take the pic. Is this a setting or normall?????
  8. i can connect to my phone but cant to the pc Guess gonna buy a cable (little bit cheap they didnt included 1)
  9. Could also be a firmware problem. I guess
  10. You would think in this day and age something basic like wifi would work flawless and that pc and app software would be a liitle more 2016 instead of 2000
  11. Anyone else has problems with the wifi in the X-T2 when I try to connect to my modem by looking up the available networks list. Nothing comes up and when you want to switch the camera off you can't, you have 2 take the battery out. I kinda gave up using wifi all together atm.
  12. I think it would be nice to post some shots taken by the new X-T2 I will start. Went to the Zoo (Artis) in Amsterdam today
  13. Just received a mail today that I will receive it tomorrow between 9:00 and 17:00
  14. Hi I did my preorder at Art and Craft (Belgium/Netherlands) for anyone wanting to order there i got a 7% discount on everything. Try this code (KORTINGSCODE-AC7) I think it works till 31 August.
  15. Yeah I thought about second hand. But somehow I am weird with electronics and prefer them new. And tbh the price off the X-t1 new is 2 high. Besides I already ordered the X-T2 and I couldn't do a cancel now and buy a X-t1 my mind can't deal with that anymore now. Lol
  16. Well, it has been decided!!!! I just ordered the X-T2 + 18-55mm husband maybe kinda hate me now but he will get over it Extra lens is off the table for now but thats ok i am happy. (unless i buy one when in Japan like sneaky sneaky for a amazing price)
  17. I had one picture i reallly love made with a old camera but Fuji finepix s7000
  18. I am pretty sure i made my choice now it will be the X-T1. I dont do sports and stuff so i should be fine i think. X-T2 is mayby a bit to expensive anyways. Mayby i can start saving for the X-T3
  19. Hahahaha love you all you throw me back and forward between the X-T1 and the X-T2. Mayby i can't get the X-T2 before my Japan trip and time will decide for me.
  20. I think its a bit 2 small tbh. My current camera broke down and i am heading to Japan the end of October. So i really need something otherwise i would have waited a bit more. Of course i still want to make a good choice and not just buy something.
  21. You all may excellent points. I realise I won't make better pictures with an X-T2 however the 24MP and new features of the X-T2 make me feel like its more future proof. In the Netherlands, the price for the X-T1 is still not dropping still 1600 for the camera with kit lens. X-T2 1999 with kit lens. Any thoughts about how much cheaper the X-T1 might get. The current promo is pathetic unless you buy an expensive lens but still not an amazing promo. I considered the X-T10 but it just doesn't look nice.
  22. I am really on the fence on this. Should I buy the x-t2 or start with an x-t1 or maybe even an x-t10? I am a newbie to all this kinda camera stuff but I have been following the x-t2 for a long time now. Just afraid I get overwhelmed with all the buttons and switches and stuff. But I just love the look and specs. Plus it is not like I just spend 100 euro
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