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  1. Hi Jay, sorry for the late reply! Congrats on the purchase! I ended up waiting until the X-T3 was announced the other day and have pre-ordered one! Rather excited! 😜
  2. Thanks Patrick, I’ll wait for Photokina!
  3. I’m looking to expand my photography and get some freelance work doing various types of work. An X-T20 is good for travel but I’m looking for something that’s got a more solid build more suited to professional work. Thanks though!
  4. Thanks for all you advice so far! 🙏🙏🙏
  5. Thanks for the comment cug! I’ve got the 55-200mm and I would really love to be able to do more low light shots hand-held with that lens. Yeah I hear the EVF on the X-H1 is really great 👌
  6. Hello! I’m an X-T10 user looking to upgrade to either Jen X-H1, X-T2 or the rumoured X-T3. I’m mainly a nature and landscape/travel photographer with a little video as well I have then XF 18-55, the XF 35mm F2 and the XF 55-200mm I was wondering whether you think it’s worth going straight to the X-H1 and bypassing the X-T series? Thanks in advance guys
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