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  1. Share few picture of my Vietnam Trip. Buy experience not new gear ✌️ (if is not broken) Hey Girls Want A Ride? Sweep With Me Hanoi Old Folk "A" People Fearlessly Sapa Cyclops Kid Portrait of my Vietnam Trip 2019
  2. One of the shop at Concubine lane Ipoh, Malaysia
  3. Glad you find the replacement. I always have my len filter on all the time because len is one of the most expensive "part" of a camera. But I never thought a sticky decorative metal need $400 (actually $109 I also consider a lot :-)). Anyhow beside the dust inside the view finder, I think X100T still serve me well...
  4. Wow sorry to hear that but just wonder how can this happen? You knock your camera?
  5. Available light to read newspaper by ewm19, on Flickr
  6. I think most of current X100 series user expected the X100F to be a WR camera especially with that price tag even thought some of the new feature in X100F are very interesting and welcomed. Since majority of X100 user use this camera as documentary/street/carry all the time kind of camera, WR is important to keep user ease that their camera will not spoil by little rainy or moisture environment. About the 6 year old len in X100 serious...i just read some review say that because it cannot be seal/WR so the X100F make as none WR...I don't know that the correct decision or not but for sure will raise some argument that why not redesign a new one??? Anyhow our of us might got different perspective of new X100 and fujifilm cannot satisfied all of us. X100T of mine still very fun to use and I will keep it until another new X100 that can change my mine .
  7. Shot this boat maker working while visit Kuala Kurau, Perak. I just walk in there with my wife and snap few photo.
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