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  1. Thanks to everyone who posted. Funny thing, I got home from my travels and both cards were fine in that I was able to copy all my photos with no errors. Yet the Fuji wouldn't show the same 40 images from either primary or backup card. So for me the take home is don't trust the Fuji when it cannot display an image. I'm also buying some new SanDisks.
  2. Ugh no. Maybe if the signature is subtle and the picture is amazing I'll overlook it. But my usual reaction is amusement at their naïveté.
  3. Hello folks I've a question about card read errors on an xpro2. I've a sandisk extreme 64 as a primary card and i have the xpro2 writing a backup copy to a sandisk extreme 128. All has been fine until today. While reviewing today's photos i found 40 photos generating read errors on the primary card and the exact same 40 on the backup also are giving read errors. The photos before and after this set are fine. I suppose the problem is with the camera. Has anyone else seen this happen? Unfortunately i'm travelling and have no backup camera. My plan is to switch out the cards, reformat, and continue on until i return home then send it to fuji service. By the way, this will be the camera's third trip to Fuji service. Anyone have some wisdom to share? Thanks, James
  4. As a long-time Nikon owner I've a large selection of Nikon caps so, except for the 27mm, I've subbed Nikon caps on all myFujis. A little black tape works to hide the shiny Nikon logo.
  5. I'm not sure what I'll do if this restriction spreads. I just returned from Bali and I would hate to have to leave my Xpro2 home or risk losing it to theft. Taking photos is part of the reason i travel. I hope Canada doesn't follow along.
  6. I'm going to agree with Kabul, transfer via PC Auto Save is very slow. Until recently my X-Pro2 wouldn't do it at all but with the 2.01 firmware my X-Pro2 works as advertised, it transfers photos wire-lessly to my Win10 PC. But the speed is so slow (and the on-screen pop-up messages annoying and unnecessary) that I'll likely not use that route and instead I will keep popping the SD card into a card reader.
  7. My X-Pro2 freezes, too, though I've decided to live with it because I can avoid the problem. So not as serious as that of zenmartini. My story: I picked up an x-pro2 and three lenses (16, 18-55, 50-230) a few months back. A more pack-able travel alternative to a Nikon (currently a D800e). Two weeks in I sent it to Fuji as the camera bricked on pc auto save. Not that I needed this function, never had it before (the more useful wifi-to-iphone function does work, curiously), but I figured this was the time to address the problem. Two thousand Canadian should get you something that works 100%, no? And a thought popped in, you're gonna travel with this camera, rely on it, maybe there is something else wrong with it. Three weeks later it's back from Fuji service. They've done nothing, and they claim there is no problem. Yes, I still have the problem. I wrote Fuji. They replied, offered to ship it back and look at it again. I decided to drop it. I'm bored with the whole thing, bored with Fuji service, bored with trying to decide whether to pursue it or not. Perhaps I should have returned it to the store at the first indication of a problem? As I said, the problem is not urgent. One upside: the desire to put more Fuji in my shopping cart is gone. Not sure if this is a permanent or temporary condition, though. Funny thing, I joked to the Fuji tech that maybe the camera needs to travel to find wifi it likes. Lo and behold, upon returning from a short trip to the US I found the wifi sometimes gets one step further in the pc-auto-save process. It sees SSIDs! Sometimes. It still hangs, 100% of the time, but it has almost worked. I'm heading to Europe shortly, perhaps that will fix it. Lovely lenses, though.
  8. That was my impression too, even if it cannot connect it should not freeze. I sent it into fuji and they could not replicate the problem. Thanks for the help - james
  9. In reply to Kubul, here is what happens. (1) When I select: Connection Setting / PC Auto Save Setting / Simple Setup I see a screen that says: Simple Setup Push WPS button on wi fi router ... UP-ARROW = Connect by PIN code BACK = Cancel Of course I've no WPS button on my router so this was the wrong choice. Unfortunately at this point the camera is frozen. The screen display is fine but the Back button does not work. Turning off the power switch doesn't work either. So I remove the battery and restart the camera. (2) When I select Connection Setting / PC Auto Save Setting / Manual Setup / Select from network List I see on the camera screen: Select from network list BACK = cancel At this point the screen is frozen, waiting for a network list that never appears. I remove the battery to restart the camera. (3) Finally, when I select: Connection Setting / PC Auto Save Setting / Manual Setup / Enter SSID . I enter the SSID Next, I select Select WPA/WPA2 mixed mode I enter the password then I see on the camera screen: Manual Setup Connecting to wifi router fujifilm x-pro2-0011 BACK=Cancel At this point the screen is frozen and nothing works. I've let it sit for a few minutes but it never comes back. I've installed the fuji software on my PC but in the above scenarios I am not running the fuji s/w. Thanks for your help. - James
  10. I feel pretty stupid at the moment when it comes to my xpro2 so perhaps someone can assist. When I choose any of the Connection Settings/PC Auto Save Setting choices, such as simple setup or manual setup, I quickly get to a screen where the camera is waiting to connect and ... nothing happens. Is this a long process that cannot be interrupted once set off? I ask because it seems the camera seems bricked at this point but maybe it just takes a really long time. Fuji tells me there is nothing wrong with the camera so I am confused. thanks
  11. The wifi on my xpro2 bricks the camera so i sent it in for service. I wish i'd read these comments first, i would not have bothered.
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