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  1. Hi, Who is useing the X100 WR kit? Which lens cap options do I have with this kit? Cheers! Styp
  2. Thanks guys! Helped me a lot with understanding a few things
  3. Recently I have been to the Volvo museum in Goteborg and took a few pictures. This is by no means a complete tour around the museum, but a part of it. The first half I enjoyed just for my self, and the second part I shared with my camera . All pictures were taken with the 35/1.4 or 16/1.4 - love them . Any comment is appreciated.
  4. Hi, I hope this thread will not start a shitstorm or a battle of equipment but I have this one question. 24mm is a very often used photojournalist lens for environmental shots but also for portraits with a 'story'. Sometimes I struggle with the 16mm to keep distortion under control, the kind of distortion that occurs from a little unfortunate perspective. How is the 16mm compared to a 24mm on full frame? The sensor is smaller so the angle of view is bigger, and therefore distortion is more extreme, right? This is my theory, but probably wrong. There are 2 options: 24 FF vs 24mm APS (36mm) has the SAME properties distortion wise <- Angle of view is similar 24mm vs 16mm APS (24mm) has the SAME properties distortion wise <- Image is similar Can anyone elaborate on that topic or give me a good advice where to read up? Thanks Styp P.s. @Mod: can you fix that terrible typo in the title?
  5. Hi, I encountered a strange problem. My SD cards were used exclusively in my X-E2 for a long time, last week I had to switch the SD card to an Xpro2 and back. Now the file numbers in my X-E2 start with 227. I assume, that the counter got confused with the higher numbers on the Xpro2... Is it possible to reverse that? Thanks Styp
  6. Don't know - but than we would see a similar effect at all apertures... Maybe a test sample that spread the rumor, I don't know.
  7. Also consider that we are pixel peeping here at its finest! I shoot this lens a lot recently and I noticed that 1.2 is 'sharp' but the jump to 1.4 or 1.6 is so noticable. Going through a set of pictures the ones done with 1.4 or 1.6 just pop a little more. Pictures with 1.2 are a littler 'softish, softer'. But once you compare it to a Nikon 85 1.4 wide open or stoped down to 1.8, the 56 is stellar at 1.2. It is absolutely normal that the lens is just a little softer full open but compared to other lenses out there it is amazing! Same applies to the 35 1.4 it just starts to shine at 1.6 but is still really good at 1.4. (I don't care the sharpnesslos on the 35, it has its own magic.) You tests are tying to be 'objective' and indicate the 85 1.8 is the sharper lens, we should not neglect, that the barcode image has a strange rendering too. It has more contrast yes apart from that I don't see a 'much better' lens. (No, I am not biased at this point!)
  8. Hi, As I was a little lazy last time with providing my settings. I attached two more recent shots taken with the XF16 as a 'portrait / people / documentary' lens. I was working on a project and we got all the shots I needed and had some fun. Just more in a jocking way I told her to show me the tongue. (f1.4 1/750) (ISO 400, f1.4, 1/12s) People have mixed feelings about the bokeh and the out of focus areas on this lens - but I just love it.
  9. Hi! There were questions in the other thread about the 16mm 1.4 for shooting people. I absolutely love this lense and the way it works for me is just perfect. Keeping these moments and telling the story is what I really enjoy and would love to improve! Here 3 recent ones taken with the 16mm 1.4 on the XE-2 (aperture 1.4 - 2.8)
  10. Hi there! I am reading the forum for quite some time now. What cought my eye is the the constructive way people communicate in this forum. =) My name is Martin Stypinski, I am a part-time student and work as a software engineer mean while. For a long time I was a Nikon guy, but Fuji just sparked my creativity much more! At the moment, my system is build around the X-E2 and a few primes. =) I recently started a blog optimized for pictures - no entries jet but in a few days! http://styp.ch/ Please feel free to folow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mstyp_ch/. Cheers! Styp P.s. Styp is the shortform of my name, and all my buddies call me that way
  11. It depends on your shooting style. I had a similar decision to make and opted for the 16. Retrospectively, best decision ever - changed my shooting style! Love taking these people shots in an environemental context. Fuji just gave me the inspiration to get rid of all the zooms . A stellar ultra wide zoom could change that in the future, but for now I am fine with the primes. Imho, if you are more into landsacpe, architecture -> 10-24, if you are more into people in context, story telling, street -> 16
  12. One thing I don't understand - and I just encountered it on the pictures... The 23 / 35 and 50 were developed in the same period, but they carry a 43, 43 and 46! filter thread?! Why Fuji, WHY?!?
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