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  1. Will do, once i get back from work travel. I was just wondering, aside from what my images may or may not show, if this is something seen by members of this forum.
  2. Hi tldr; upgraded to X-T20 from X-T10. Am disappointed with results, images not sharp. About a week or so ago I upgraded from my X-T10 to an X-T20. I set it up exactly the same way as my X-T10, with the same Custom Settings, ISO values, etc etc, so that the only difference between the two cameras is the hardware. Both lenses and cameras are updated with the latest firmware. Using the same three lenses I used on the X-T10 (27mm, 35mm f2 and 16-50mm kit lens) and the same custom settings I noticed from the few test shots that I have taken so far that most of the images from the X-T2
  3. Nevermind, figured it out. Touchscreen, aye, but perhaps they mean "hold your finger down and drag it across the LCD while looking through the viewfinder and poking yourself in the cheek. Oh, and keep your nose away as well because that will also move the focus point". Not quite as snappy for the marketing, I'm sure we can all agree. I was expecting it to work in exactly the same way as the LCD - you touch, it focusses. And also, a suggestion for the next update: a way to automatically re-center the focus point.
  4. TLDR; user can't figure out how "Touch panel operation when using the EVF" works Ok, so got my new X-T20 last night, got it all set up (having had to go on YouTube to figure out how the back button focus works on this camera as compared to my X-T10, aaarggh. Why doesn't the wee square turn green when it's capture the focus like my X-T10 did .. ), updated to the new firmware 1.11, and am mad excited about the ability to use the touch panel operation when using the EVF. However, having tried all the various settings and possibilities, it just will not work. I have activated the
  5. So,I am here waiting patiently for the postie to arrive with my new X-T20 (upgrading from my X-T10) and I'm looking forward to using all the features as well as the new Acros film simulation. This got me thinking back about this topic and the least used feature ... In an earlier post I mentioned I never use Auto mode (sadly not true, i've used it since to great effect) or Movie mode (might be tempted now there's 4k support and a better movie button), but thinking about it again, the feature I have literally never, ever used is the Sepia film simulation. Does anyone still use Sepia?
  6. "Auto" mode and the movie mode. I'd use movie mode more (like, once in a blue moon as opposed to never) if only that button was made more accessible.
  7. Hi, for the second Fuji camera in a row, the little thumb rest on the right of the camera (in my case an XT10) has come off. I thought I could manage without it but you need something there to make the camera easier to hold. Is it ok to just superglue the thing back on, or could that lead to damage to the camera (either internal or external). And does anyone recommend the thumbrest from Lensmate, or the slightly cheaper one from Mengs?
  8. Hi everyone, greetings from The Netherlands. I've recently bought a Fuji XT10, loving every minute of it. A great little camera that's really inspired me to go back out there and get back into photography. Living in a small town just south of Amsterdam I have plenty of things to take pictures of. I've done photography courses back when I was still living in Scotland (using something called "film") so I'm happy with the technicalities of photography. What I still need to learn is the fine art of composition - finding the right angles, the interesting shots, and so on. Hopefully someone here ca
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