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  1. It's early this a.m., but B&H shows order status of "new order processing" and tracking as "pending," which is unchanged over time. I ordered on 7/7. I guess things won't happen until tomorrow at the earliest. Too bad as I'm headed on travel next week and would have liked to take it along.
  2. I, too, ordered with the grip along with the metal hand grip. As Peter said, I don't want to be caught without a piece of equipment I may need for a given situation.
  3. Thanks for the article link, Patrick! I'm in need of a good travel tripod for that X-T2 when it arrives!
  4. I'd take that 27mm along since it's so compact.
  5. Like many, I pre-ordered from B&H way back in July. We'll see when it actually shows up!
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