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  1. After many days, I have found the problem, you can ignore this post!
  2. Hey guys, I had a quick question regarding the 56mm 1.2 R. So I just bought this lens about a couple weeks ago, used it once and it was great, it was a sunny day outside and I was taking pics of friends. The next time I went out and used it, I noticed it had a really hard time focusing on subjects, on this day, it was a bit cloudy but nothing too bad by our pacific north-west standards. I have read that this lens does struggle on focusing on less contrasty things. However I didn't think it would struggle to detect someone’s face when I'm standing near them, I could not for the life of me get it to lock focus for longer than a second. Ever since this day I have been testing it on different things and noticed that whenever I try to lock focus on something it just hunts and hunts, it will lock after a bit for a quick second but if you don't click the shutter instantly, it will begin hunting randomly again. I tried my 18-55mm and it locks and holds the focus no problem. I was trying to look this up online and I have been reading mixed answers. Should I contact Fuji or is this is normal thing for this lens? I tried High Performance mode and a bigger/smaller focus box. Apologies if this is a stupid question, kind of a beginner on all of this and I might be a bit paranoid since I just spent a lot on this lens ha!
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