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  1. Hi everyone, I recently switched from Sony to Fuji and I love it. The issue I'm having is I am unable to setup my SmallHD 502 monitor to connect to my X-T2. I was wondering if anyone else had an issue. I tried different cables, made sure all the firmware are up to date but still no success. I just get a message No Signal. I know that Atomos works but it is a 7inch monitor and I don't need the recording part yet... This is a 5inch monitor with Vectorscope, Peaking, Waveforms and LUT support.. I contacted SmallHD but got a simple not supported answer, which a bit disappointing: From: Tiffany L Brantner Sent: 11/26/2016 Subject: Fuji X-T2 and SmallHD 502 Thomasz, We have heard from maybe 2 other people having the same issue. Until we can test the configuration, we cannot confirm it. But, at this point it seems that the monitor is not compatible with your camera. Thanks, Tiffany Brantner SmallHD Customer Support and Sales 919-502-7125 (direct line) 919-439-2166 (main line: I was wondering if anyone had success with this monitor and X-T2? thank you Tom
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum. I was looking for off-camera HSS solution for Fuji. I just bought a X-Pro2 and just wanted to let you know that I manage to get High Speed Sync to work. If anyone is interested. I bought two new Cactus V6 II receivers. They clearly specify on their website that they do HSS with Fuji cameras as well. They manage to find a workaround. See the attached document... My setup was: X-Pro2 + Cactus receiver V6 II (in Tx mode) Cactus receiver V6 II (in Rx mode) with the Canon flash Tom Update: the only issue I found so far is that the lever from the Cactus cannot be locked as the Shutter Speed/ISO lever obstruct it....
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