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  1. Just gathering opinions on this subject. Looking to add a second body in 2016 to compliment my ciurent X Pro-2. For those that have a 2 body setup how important is it to have the same camera? Also, do you believe that the X Pro-2 will receive the same auto focus capabilities in the upcoming Kaizen firmware? I'm not sure why it wouldn't considering the "guts" of the camera are the same, correct? Cheers, Chouska
  2. I know many folks typically move away from zooms and into primes, however, I'm thinking about going the other way. I'm primarily shooting shots of family & friends and in the summer heat moving into position with my 35mm leaves me hot and sweaty in no time. Has anyone moved from a prime setup to the redbadge trio (10-24, 16-55 & 50-140)? If so, what were some of the drawbacks outside of speed? I currently have: 16mm (the one lens I would contemplate keeping) 35mm f2 56mm f1.2 90mm f2 Thanks
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