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    Pecos River in Winter

    We set out mid-morning for our first ever winter visit to the canyon. The narrow, twisting road had a fair number of scary icy and snow-covered patches, but Diana's bad weather Michigan driving skills were up to the challenge. There were very few places to stop due to the snow banks, but we found a spot near the Terrero General Store and walked back to an old bridge with a path that went down to the river. The tall trees (Douglas fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pines), shrubs, rocks, and snow-covered hills were a wonderful backdrop for the rushing waters. We walked a bit, sat by the river, and drank in the marvels of Nature.
  2. merlin

    Fall pictures

    The cottonwood leaves start out as a light minty green in early spring, and then darker green until the gold of late autumn. Here a few of the aspens from a few years ago.
  3. merlin

    Fall pictures

    Amazing colors, Jerry! The best out here are the golds of the aspens and cottonwoods in autumn, and the scrub oaks.
  4. merlin

    Winter Landscapes

  5. merlin

    Winter Landscapes

    More snow already this winter than in the past 20 years! But with the steep and curvy mountain roads, we are limited to nearby walks and not so many excellent photographic opportunities, unlike your amazing mountain shots.
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    Winter Landscapes

  7. merlin

    Winter Landscapes

    Wonderful and inspiring set, George!
  8. merlin

    Winter Landscapes

    Wonderful images, George!
  9. merlin

    Still Lichen It

    Thanks very much, George, and a joyous holiday season to you and loved ones.
  10. Wondering if anyone has used this combo. It seems like an excellent choice for those who are wanting something small and lightweight, with better resolution (albeit much shorter reach) than my discontinued X30.