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  1. My 16-80 has completely replaced my 18-55 for hiking, off-trail adventures, and other outings. IQ is excellent, and although it is a bit heavier and bulkier, the extra reach at both ends works wonderfully for me.
  2. X-T2, 16-80mm
  3. X-T2, 16-80mm
  4. X-T2, 16-80mm
  5. X-T2, 16-80mm
  6. Thanks very much!
  7. XT-2, 16-80mm
  8. X-T2, 16-80mm
  9. X-T2, 90mm (taken through a double-glazed window)
  10. Thanks very much, Jerry!
  11. Artemus in his winter coat X-T2, 16-80mm
  12. merlin

    16-80 f/4

    Very much liking this lens. The IQ is as good as the 18-35, and the extra reach at both ends, especially long, is most welcome.
  13. Thanks, Jerry! Much appreciated. They were in a new (to us) area where we do off-trail hiking.
  14. Clearly winter is on the way. Here already for several weeks!
  15. The colours here were not so good this year, despite a rather wet winter and early spring.
  16. Amazing colors, Jerry!
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