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  1. 7LLPA

    which body ?

    Thanks guys for the feedback and advice - much appreciated
  2. 7LLPA

    which body ?

    I will mainly be snapping Football and Rugby league and can get close to the action.
  3. 7LLPA

    which body ?

    Thanks for reply but it doesnt really help me in a sense. Which fuji camera would have the best autufocus ?
  4. 7LLPA

    which body ?

    Hi guys Fuji 50-140mm f/2.8 lens seems a great lens and is good for action sports but which would forum members suggest would be the best Fuji body to use with it ? I have a feeling my XE1 would be too slow ? Appreciate any advice , thanks
  5. thanks for reply. Which lens would you recommend ? I am thinking of the telephoto 50-140mm & 35mm 1.4 and possibly a 1.4 or 2 converter.
  6. Hi Guys ... Newbie here ... please be gentle I enjoy sports photography and have used the XE1 for 18 months or so. Lovely camera etc but it did fall a bit short with Auto Focus for action sports Football/Rugby League etc. Can anyone suggest a suitable Fuji camera for my needs or should i have to look elsewhere ? Many thanks in advance
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