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  1. Who here is crazy enough to think that the X100V is the best digital camera ever? I've had it for a year now, in parallel with the X-Pro3/X-T4 and also the GFX system... and of course it can't replace system cameras especially for certain work... but in terms of concept and maturity I think it's just incredible... I don't really have anything to add to my thoughts even after a year.



  2. 4 hours ago, KrisAK said:

    Hi. Thanks. Nicely written and thoughtful blog, btw, and great shots. 



    I don't yet own a Fuji body, and was waiting for this lens to be released before diving in (28mm is my favorite.) The thing is, I've currently got a Canon EOS R with an adapted EF 28/2.8, which is actually smaller & lighter than the new Fuji. The Fuji's faster, of course, but I don't really need the speed, and was hoping for a more discreet setup.

    Sounds more like a general decision between Canon and Fujifilm… why do you want to change systems?


    So maybe the f/2 Fuji is for me. When I looked at your comparison, though, I first though those were corner-frame comparisons. The fact that it's the center is a bit of a concern. (If they'd only make an X100 with a 28mm equivalent, I'd be set.)

    The F2 ist kind of special, I think it‘s not for everyone. Optically it‘s not for pixel peepers or for some special tasks where resolution is key. Mechanically, it‘s crazy as well by today‘s standards… no internal and loud AF, aperture blades are chattering, aperture ring not as good build as with other fujifilm lenses, … I love it anyway, just saying.

    If you want to go discrete: XF27 F2.8 MKII, XF23 F2 and XF16 F2.8 are extremely versatile, very small, fast AF, weather resistant, … or you could go with a X100V with WCL-X100 adapter… the X100V is in my view the best digital camera ever :-)

  3. 24 minutes ago, KrisAK said:

    I gather he doesn't like pixel peeping, but that small comparison with the 18/2 is telling, regarding the IQ step-up in the new lens. (I'm wondering if he vignettes in post, as both lenses show quite a bit in some shots.)

    Despite his enthusiasm, even he seems a bit leery regarding the size of the lens. I'm surprised Fuji didn't recognize the use-case people like myself have for this focal length, and updated the compact f/2.

    I'm afraid if I bought this new 18, I'd end up leaving it in the bag.




    Hi KrisAK, 

    first of all, it‘s not „he“, it‘s me 🙂 My fault, I should have written „my thoughts“… it‘s my blog…

    And yes, of course the vignetting is made in post, that‘s very often my style. So I don‘t care about vignetting, but both are OK in this respect - the f/1.4 even better I think. 

    Coming to the size: Puh, yeah, it‘s OK… but as I wrote, I would like it to be a bit smaller. All in all, though, it's still OK, as it's also quite slim and light.

    Should you prefer it to the F2 version? This is the hardest question of all. As a landscape photographer probably yes, otherwise it depends on how much you need/want that kind of perfection. It's damn good without question, but I'm still not selling the F2 either... maybe that answers the question best.




  4. Well that's interesting if it's not getting the delay for you.


    I agree that the AF is super lightning fast on the first shot, but the subsequent shots are very, very slow. My point about full auto mode (as well as MF back-button focus mode) is that all shots are very fast, and I'd really like to have that brought to this specific mode. I think perhaps the fact that AF is sooo fast is the reason why it's suddenly disconcerting that this part is so slow.



    I don't see any noticeable delay for the subsequent shots in AF mode... neither in Aperture Priority - regardless which aperture I've chosen - nor in Program Mode... the only very short "delay' I notice is due to the autofocus, but it's lightning fast for all the shots as I already said... I could shoot the camera without any interruption, even if I don't know why I should shoot like this... but I've tried to do it and it works perfectly ;-) 

  5. To clarify, it only ruins Autofocus mode in Aperture Priority mode, which is crucial for on-the-street shots where speed is paramount. The first shot I take is quick. The second shot (or any recomps if you release a half-press then want it back) is too slow to use. It's actually not the flickering ruins it, it's the forced delay. It's mostly a problem because the full auto mode *loves* F2.0, which just doesn't cut it in daylight street shooting, which is when I really need fast reaction times.


    Does it make it unusable in the most literal sense? No, because obviously pictures can be taken. Does it make it unusable in that there's a very specific, highly needed use-case where this issue makes me unable to use it? Yes.


    And I'm fine with being first to test and find weaknesses for this camera, My posting here isn't to complain as much as to hope that Fuji actually reads these forums. If there is a technical need for this behavior, that's great. If not, and it's just an oversight, hopefully they fix it. What's most frustrating is people asserting that this is a solution somehow to the previous aperture chatter, which it isn't. Or that I should refrain from commenting on these issues because I chose to buy the camera early and so should keep my mouth shut about things Fuji should improve.


    Sorry, I don't get the point and give up... the autofocus works exceptionally well in Aperture Priority and is lightning fast in addition, at least with my copy of the X100F... doesn't matter if it's the first or the fifth picture. I don't recognize any significant delay at all... And I don't understand the point you mentioned with the "full auto mode". I thought we are talking about Aperture Priority... 

  6. My main problem is that Auto mode so often (almost always) uses F2.0 even if there's plenty of light. So if I want more depth for street shooting, I need to set my aperture to F5.6 or something. But then the autofocus mode is unusable, especially because if I release my finger from the shutter it takes at least 3x as long to shoot the next shot than if I were in MF or full auto mode. If this is a feature I'd like to know what problem it solves, and if that's more important than ruining autofocus with a set aperture.


    Autofocus mode is unusable? C'mon man ;-)


    You will find my two cents about this problem at the very end of:




    No offence,


  7. huge, spectacular, wow!


    Big words.


    I’ve yet to find a picture that could  be made with the two new cameras and could NOT be made with the old one. 


    The joystick is much criticized , the video functions don’t interest me. I can print 2 X 1 meter with the X-T1 and the difference with the X-T2 will still be almost invisible.


    Obviously we live in a different world. I am happy and you are too.


    Obviously we do... ;-)


    As we both seem to be happy with our choice, there is no need to debate further more. Just some remarks from my site: nor did I say you can't make the same pictures with each camera neither did I talk about image quality in general in my posts. Most of the improvements (especially with the X-Pro2!!!) are ergonomically and yes, I think those improvements (for the X-Pro2 e.g. the excellent and extremely useful joystick, the speed, the EVF, the AF, the button layout and many other things) are highly appreciated and very important for me and my work as well as for the joy to use the cameras. So I stand by my word: the improvements are huge for the X-T2 and spectacular for the X-Pro2. But hey, to each his own!


    With this in mind, cheers and keep on shooting with whichever camera you like... ;-)   

  8. no, but after the honeymoon period ( de few months after the intoduction of the new cameras) now a lot of people start realizing that the “ improvements” are mostly negligible while the price they paid for those questionable “ improvements” is absolutely tangible.


    Again If I’d shot the picture above with the X-T2 I’d be now complaining. But I am not, because I didn’t use the X-T2 but my X-T1.


    Ok, in that respect I clearly have to contradict. ;-) I don't think the improvements are "negligible". In the case of the X-T2 they are huge imho, in the case of the X-Pro2 the improvements are nothing else than spectacular. Those improvements have been the reason for me to switch to the system... nonetheless, the grid pattern are annoying though.

  9. another reason not to desire upgrading my X-T1 then.


    Maybe yes... on the other hand I would like to emphasize that at least under my personal photographic "real life conditions" (with pictures like in my Instagram account) I've recognized the grid pattern in one picture in six month of use. And not as bad as in the shown examples of course. Furthermore the problem is dependent on the lens to a certain extent. The XF56 is significantly worse in this aspect than the XF35F2 or the XF16 e.g... All in all no really big deal for me untill now. But if someone is specialized in portraiture under real harsh backlight conditions at the beach... puh, then I'm not sure if I would recommend the cameras to him or her...

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