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  1. Fujifilm services is suggesting I send it in. That can't happen for several weeks, as I've got back to back jobs until early November. Guess I'll hope nothing is wrong and hammer along until then.
  2. Not sure what the deal is, but my 23 1.4 is hard to clean. My other lenses seem to clean easier. I'm as gentle as possible--bulb blower, drop of Eclipse on a microfiber cloth and not much more. The 23 always seems to have a film on the front element. What do other people use for cleaning? A friend suggested ROR, which I plan to try.
  3. Here's mine, finally: http://joeandselah.com/blog/2016/10/3/fujifilm-x-t2-wedding-photographers-review
  4. Wow. Hard to believe it gets much worse/louder.
  5. Shot a short video of the noisy little thing. Tom H.--same noise as yours?
  6. Mine is non-APD, but I guess they have the same motor.
  7. I just got Vello screen protectors for my wife's X-Pro2 and my pair of X-T2s. Even though it's listed as being for the X-T1, it fits perfectly since the screens are the same size. Totally worth $25. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1102545-REG/vello_gspu_fxt1_lcd_screen_protector_ultra.html Love the fit and it seems to be pretty resistant to oil.
  8. Phew. Shooting a wedding and got a little freaked out.
  9. I've just noticed my 56 (non-APD) is a bit noisy when focusing, sounds similar to the 35 1.4. I read somewhere else that it's normal, but wanted to see if anyone else notices it with their copy. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, I'm on LR for similar reasons as listed. When I shoot a wedding and come home with 2,000-3,000 images, I need the catalog and functionality that it offers me for culling and keeping track of images to deliver, blog, etc. But I have heard that Capture One may do a better job at maintaining the sharpness of the X-Trans sensor over other raw processing software.
  11. I shot an entire event between AF-S and AF-C, both CH and CL, no freezing and no hiccups. I use SanDisk Extreme Pro cards.
  12. Fuji Rumors has been tweeting about stock status since the release, so follow him. B&H actually says September 26. Amazon and B&H have fast shipping, around 2-3 days, depending on where you live. I'm waiting on a couple of invoices, then ordering another one from whichever store seems to have it. Good luck.
  13. I haven't had time to dig into any AF-C custom settings, so I'm wondering what other's experiences have been. I've got a gig coming up tomorrow where I'll definitely make use of it (clean photos of athletes testing products like bats and shoes). Can anyone recommend one of the 6 custom settings on the AF-C menu that I could try? Probably shooting with the 50-140 for nice clean, isolated shots of products and players. Thanks!
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