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    Franko reacted to tikinet in XT-2 Preorders   
    Ordered 7/7/16. Was to ship 9/8/16, but I changed credit cards and payment did not go through on the 8th. Sorted everything out this morning 9/9. This afternoon, I checked my account on B&H and I've got a UPS tracking number. I should get it by the 14th - It's on the way.   
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    Franko got a reaction from mschaa in X-T2 and the dogs   
    Great article Michael! I ditched my D3 for the lighter Xt1 so you can imagine the focusing speed difference when it comes to moving subjects, you do have to work harder with the Fuji. I will definitely be trying out the Xt2 when available but not buying until I'm absolutely sure the difference is worth it. Your article gives a great insight to the improvements made but I would like to see bird in flight shots before I commit to buying, not that I'm an avid bird shooter but I feel if they have cracked this with a better hit rate then you can tackle just about anything! Thanks for sharing and doing such a good write up!
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    Franko reacted to darknj in Medium Format Rumors   
    Meh... I am starting to wonder if I can mortage my grand mother at the bank...
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    Franko reacted to Tom H. in Medium Format Rumors   
    I'm starting a little piggy bank aka "the left kidney"... for any digital version of following classics:
    Fujifilm TX-1 aka Hasselblad Xpan
    Fujifilm GF670
    Mamiya 7
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    Franko reacted to roicead in Introduce Yourself   
    i switched from the canon 5d mk ii to the fuji x-pro 1 was released.  never looked back because loved the fact that my camera bag weighed less than i did without very much sacrifice.  i work in a 24/7 dispatch facility so with my crazy hours and days i can go a month or more without picking up a camera or occasionally manage to shoot every day of the month.  mostly interested in landscapes, travel and toy photography.
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    Franko reacted to adzman808 in Introduce Yourself   
    I'm Adam!
    I'm incredibly fortunate in that I get to live my life (and shoot my fujis!!!) in 2 different countries.
    The UK where I was born and where I work, and Portugal where I spend my down time!
    I've had many, MANY fujis over the years, my first digi cam was a fuji finepix 2200 2.1mp, bought in 2000!
    I've tried most of the X series bodies, but currently have a X-T1 and X-Pro1 & 6 Fuji lenses.
    The XT is my do everything camera, the Pro is my travel/reportage camera!
    Feel free to look at my shots which can be found on flickr,
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    Franko reacted to andrewlee in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello! I'm Andrew from New Zealand. I am a web designer and was given a DSLR as a sort of gift for helping a friend with his website. I've been hooked on photography since! I picked up an x100 a year ago and it got me hooked on Fuji. Just so much fun. Later picked up and xt1 + 35 and love this combo to bits. I also now have the 18f2, 18-55, samyang 12 and an adapted sigma 18-35 from my Nikon.
    Check out my blog if you like
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    Franko reacted to Danny in Introduce Yourself   
    Shalom Aleichem Fuji-X-Forum people! 
    my name is Danny, I live in South Florida I'm a stay at home and homeschooling dad. I'm into snapping photos because of my 4 beautiful kids (8,7,5 and almost 2). I had a Canon 6D which I sold for my Fuji gear. I currently have a XT1 and use the 23 and 56 for indoor low light and for everything else I use the 16-55 and 50-140. Very happy with the Fuji and having a ton of fun with it. 

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    Franko reacted to parigby in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi all   - my name is philip, and have been into photography seriously for the about the last fifteen years. Switched to Fuji gear from Leica M about twelve months ago, and have not regretted it for one minute  -  Bank Manager also very pleased with the decision.
    Shoot with the X-T1, 23mm 35mm 56mm 10-24mm and 55-200mm and over the last few months have tended to drift more and more towards B&W. Will probably take a long look at the 90mm when it hits the street.
    Just in awe of the way Fuji look after us shooters with the constant upgrades via firmware. 

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    Franko reacted to didiergm in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi there, Didiergm here, from France, a non-gifted amateur who insists on taking images in the hope that sometimes a couple of them will be pleasant enough to be printed, framed and put up on the wall. 
    I started this journey in the mid 70's when my grandfather passed away and I discovered his old camera and home made (!) enlarger (he was an engineer) so I basically could setup my own dark/wet room for next to nothing. So I learned by myself (and some books!)  the art of turning a black ribbon of acetate  into an image on paper, using some obscure chemical process (not to mention a good dose of black magic); That was both fun and fascinating. Then I grew up had other interest in life and no space for a darkroom anymore so by the mid 80's my camera was not used anymore. So I forgot all about photography (even though I, quite ironically was head of computer software development for a large stock photography agency, based in the UK!)  , until about 2006 where I bought A Nikon D70 - then moved to second hand pro bodies (D2hs, D2x, D3) just for the passion of holding and using well engineered things. But the passion for photography was not there, all the magic I found in my early days had no returned: Digital had (almost) killed it ....
    ... Until I met the X-E1, Fuji colors, lenses and overall simplicity and rediscovered the simple pleasure of making images and memories again. For this I feel in debt with Fuji.
    6 months later, december 2014 I sold all my Nikon gear and bought  a X-T1, some nice lenses and the story continues... 
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    Franko reacted to CRAusmus in Introduce Yourself   
    CRAusmus here.  Currently in Texas, but going to get to Georgia this summer.
    I've been involved in photography in one form or another since I was a teenager. After taking a class in Junior High I built my own black and white lab and began to develop my own images with my Olympus OM 10.  After spending some time muddling around after high school I got a job doing lab work for a professional photographer and working with various camera systems from Horizontal Cameras, Vertical Cameras, Contact Tables, Even Cruze Cameras that took up two rooms.
    With thoughts of working in high fashion and making millions in the photography industry I went to Art School and wound up going the Graphic Design route instead, only picking up cameras in the studio when needed.  First digital camera I ever shot with was a Nikon based Kodak DCS that took a 3.5 in floppy disk, and I was bitten again by the photography bug.
    With the cost of digital being so expensive I spent more time renting gear and never got around to purchasing a DSLR.  You could shoot all weekend for 90 bucks with Nikon D1, where as to buy one would cost you over 5 grand not including the lens, keep in mind this was 99-03.  However it wasn't until just a few months ago I actually decided it was time to build a serious digital kit for myself.  After spending an entire year doing research and saving, I took a leap and bought into the Fuji System.  I'm fully invested now and couldn't be happier.  I have two lenses on my purchase list, the 10-24 and the 55-200 (unless I score a major deal for the 50-140).
    I've been loving having the freedom of shooting whenever I want now I've begun to get back into film as well, and pulled my Patterson out of the attic a few weeks ago and bought a battery for my AE.
    Just one of the wonderful things about photography.  The principles never change, the terminology never changes (well not all the terminology), and the technology only gets better.  I'm excited to be a part of the Fuji X Community.  I'm excited to be so near the ground floor of what Fuji is doing.  They have a truly exciting future in front of them and I am very happy to be on this journey with them and you all.
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    Franko reacted to kielinski in Introduce Yourself   
    I'm a working pro based in Philadelphia, PA USA.  I still mostly use Nikon's for most of my commercial photo/video work, but love the X system for it's size, handling, and image quality (COLOR!).  
    I'm looking forward to the next firmware update and the next generation of bodies!  24mp w/ decent video would be fan-effing-tastic!
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    Franko reacted to erreflower in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello everyone!!
    After many years my Nikon gear was sitting in a closet, I recently got back to photography, an old favorite hobby of mine, as I "discovered" mirrorless cameras and Fujifilm system.
    I sold all my Nikon system and I started enjoying taking pictures again with a shiny Fujifilm X-E2 and two Fujifilm zoom lenses.
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    Franko reacted to Nero in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everyone,
    Just finished my MFA in Electronic and Time Based Art at Purdue University. I first picked up a "real" camera a little over a year ago when I bought my Fuji X-T1, so I've still got a lot to learn. I shoot exclusively with that. My favorite lenses are the XF 23mm, 35mm, and 10-24mm, but I do use the XF 27mm and 18-135mm WR sometimes and have three vintage Helios 44-2 f/2 58mm lenses, one of which is modified with a reversed front element. 
    Black and white is most intriguing to me in terms of my own work, but I enjoy good photography in all forms. I really like shooting landscape/nature and architecture, but I'm an equal opportunity photographer, I'll shoot anything that is interesting at any given moment. 
    I have a photo blog that I usually update twice per day, but will eventually move to once a day when I get through my work from last year. 
    Oren Darling Photography
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    Franko reacted to Trenton Talbot in Introduce Yourself   
    Here's my short bio. I use mostly X cameras, only 2 photos in my current portfolio are shot with another system.

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    Franko reacted to olli in Introduce Yourself   
    It would be nice to know a little bit more about other members so perhaps those who are willing could post here.
    I'll start. I'm olli, orginally from Northern Ireland, now a serial expat, currently located in Pasay City, part of Metro Manila in the Philippines. I've been shooting seriously since around 2008 with a variety of cameras but switched to Fuji just over six months ago. I have the X-E2 with 18-55, 55-200, 23 and 35 lenses. I describe my kind of photography as 'urban documentary', which means I wander around the streets taking pictures of things. I have a website at photography by olli and I photoblog at Manila Days.
    Looking forward to hearing from more members.
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    Franko reacted to FujiXMan in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, My name is Al and i'm a Fujiholic.  I shoot with an X-Pro1 and an X-10.  I check out FR everyday and it was nice to see that a forum was linked to it.  I am not a pro, but i have sold a few photos and have been given credit for others.  I run a blog where i put all of my photos and it can be found here:  d7100shooter.wordpress.com .  Looking forward to contribute what i can to this forum.
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    Franko reacted to azmmount in Introduce Yourself   
    Mike here. Just started with Fuji a month or so ago from (long time) Canon shooter. Looking to learn how to use the camera more better - in many ways it is so different from shooting the Canons (some good, some bad, some just different). So far, my biggest frustrations seem to revolve around the AF system so I am looking forward to the 4.0 update next month.

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    Franko got a reaction from avontime in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi All, My name is Ian and I always seem to have had a Fuji camera but not always as my main kit. This has now changed since I purchased my X100s ( my opinion this is the best digital camera ever made and still is! I would never part with it for any reason as it still amazes me with its never ending potential) A year odd ago I purchased a Xt1 with 18-55 as a toe in the water to replace my Nikon D3, I great misgivings on this and for the first six months I had a love hate relationship with this little camera. The image quality was never an issue but the handling of all things but once you acclimatise to it and get your mind out of dslr mode it's a little powerhouse of a camera. So at this present moment I have no Nikon gear and have since purchased a 16mm and a 50-140 so I think the Fuji has truly won me over!
    I am an amateur hobbyist photographer these days and I will have a go at most subjects and just enjoy the fun of photography recently trying infrared. I will not shoot weddings,baby portraits,animal portraits , mushrooms or horses
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    Franko reacted to Harlem in landscapes with fuji x   
    Otago Southlands - where my heart belongs to.

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    Franko reacted to Mehrdad in landscapes with fuji x   
    Capetown// Blouberg Strand
    Blouberg Strand by Mehrdad, auf Flickr
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    Franko reacted to jlmphotos in landscapes with fuji x   
    Hey,  I use both my X-T1 with the 18-55, 35, Zeiss 12 and the 55-200 for landscapes, cityscapes, etc.  I love it.  I've printed up to 24 x 18" (so far) and the results are phenomenal and I AM A PIXEL PEEPER. LOL
    I also shoot with the Nikon D800, but "most" of the time I use the X-T1 -- even for stock images.  I then process them in LR 5.0, though I've used both Iridient Developer, and Silkypix.  But LR 5.x has really improved the process.
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    Franko reacted to papedo in landscapes with fuji x   
    i do a lot of different photography and really enjoy all of them but my secret love is still landscape photography.
    as a former nikon user (still using it sometimes) i wasn´t completely sure about the landscape capabilities of the xtrans sensors. i read a lot about it and wasn´t aware, until a few days ago, that many users don´t like the rendering for landscapes.
    anyway i decided to buy a zeiss 12mm and adapt my 100mm filter system to it. and it works fine. let me know your experience for landscape. i´m actually using the x-e2 with xf23, zeiss touit 12mm, 55-200 & 18-55. i´m now considering a x-t1 because of tilt screen and weather sealing...
    sample with the 12mm lens
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