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  1. Well we all remember Tracy Island & the Millenium Falcon! Just get them shipped and stop playing marketing games! We've seen it, we love it, we want it!
  2. Great article Michael! I ditched my D3 for the lighter Xt1 so you can imagine the focusing speed difference when it comes to moving subjects, you do have to work harder with the Fuji. I will definitely be trying out the Xt2 when available but not buying until I'm absolutely sure the difference is worth it. Your article gives a great insight to the improvements made but I would like to see bird in flight shots before I commit to buying, not that I'm an avid bird shooter but I feel if they have cracked this with a better hit rate then you can tackle just about anything! Thanks for sharing and doing such a good write up!
  3. I know it would never be practical but how nice would a digital 6x6 twin lens reflex be? I do use the square format on my Xt1 with the flip screen but not the same as my Yashica was,but fun to do anyway! Interesting times ahead
  4. I'm not a big fan of the ultra wide angle lens, they just don't do it for me. Although I do have the the 16mm 1.4 which is about equivalent to a 24mm in full frame and I find this does just about everything in the wide angle department for me. I changed to Fuji to cut down on a bag full of lenses so for me this is enough. It's easy to get carried away with I need this I need that but do we really need it ? How many times have we photographers lusted after the must have lens only to find it sits in the bag most of the time! We are a fickle bunch!
  5. Hi, I'm sure this is a situation that everyone who owns a removable lens digital camera has come across the dreaded " Dust Bunnies" I have cleaned the sensor on my Nikon D3 but always with a little trepidation. There are quite a few products on the market but the one I found to work for me are the Visible Dust range. Although I have not yet attempted to clean my XT1 but if I had to I would go for the dry swab where you apply the cleaning solution yourself, but I would not attempt it without a sensor loupe to examine the sensors surface as do you rarely get it clean in the first attempt. Now this is my advice unless you feel one hundred percent confident in your ability and patience DON'T DO IT! Leave it to a qualified engineer because if you get it wrong and damage the sensor you're scuppered! It's very easy to scratch the sensor especially if you drag a lump of grit across its surface. There are all sorts of opinions on this subject some will tell you it's easy others will say don't do it and there are loads of videos on YouTube showing you how. I personally would not attempt to clean my XT1 pay the £50 and let a qualified person do it! I hope this helps?
  6. Hi All, My name is Ian and I always seem to have had a Fuji camera but not always as my main kit. This has now changed since I purchased my X100s ( my opinion this is the best digital camera ever made and still is! I would never part with it for any reason as it still amazes me with its never ending potential) A year odd ago I purchased a Xt1 with 18-55 as a toe in the water to replace my Nikon D3, I great misgivings on this and for the first six months I had a love hate relationship with this little camera. The image quality was never an issue but the handling of all things but once you acclimatise to it and get your mind out of dslr mode it's a little powerhouse of a camera. So at this present moment I have no Nikon gear and have since purchased a 16mm and a 50-140 so I think the Fuji has truly won me over! I am an amateur hobbyist photographer these days and I will have a go at most subjects and just enjoy the fun of photography recently trying infrared. I will not shoot weddings,baby portraits,animal portraits , mushrooms or horses
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