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  1. Strange. I get an error message when importing. Did you import under Import or Show Package Contents and drag to a particular folder?
  2. Awesome! This may revert me back to shooting RAW only which is less time consuming when editing and whatnot. I just like Classic Chrome but interested how Acros will look with my X-T10 and X-E1 images. CaptureOneStyles.txt
  3. Cool! Love how small those are! Sometimes I use Profoto with Pocket Wizards but I can't stand changing out AA batteries and the transmitter is almost bigger than the camera.
  4. Some shots along the way of the X-T10 journey. So far it's so nice to carry around compared to my Canon.
  5. What are the settings I need to dial in to have the flash trigger via hot shoe? Using Paul C Buff. Eeinsteins transmiiter. Does anyone use any interesting/cheap wireless triggers? I'd like to get a thumb grip but then I'd always have to carry the wrench to take it off when using strobes so looking into options.
  6. Yeah I totally realize it's a Fuji thing and not a C1. Makes sense since the X-T10 is rather more prosumer/consumer. I suppose I could get an Eye-Fi card and create a Hot Folder but I hear they are pretty slow. Hoping the X-T2 will be smoother for tethering. Have yet to try an X-T1. As long as I can check focus while shooting in a studio atmosphere I'm cool but so much nicer to have the laptop. When shooting a lot of portraits it's easier to name them right away and pic selects with clients.
  7. Does anyone have any saved presets that emulate the Film Simulations or anything for Capture One? I love VSCO for phone stuff but not a LightRoom user thus forced to create and explore when it comes to Styles and Presets in Capture One. Just seeing what's out there for presets. I know there's one for sale from one company out there.
  8. Just got an X-T10 and looking for a way to shoot tethered to Capture One 9 on a Mac. Noticed some old posts from awhile back but figure there must be something in the works. I understand it's more of a street camera but looking into it's capabilities to replace my Canon. I don't use Light Room but will if I have to set up a Hot Folder or whatever. Thx.
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