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  1. Hi, I'm Rick from Leeds, Yorkshire, in the UK. I am in my 60's and have been photographing for about 50+ years. I got serious in 2012 and bought a Canon. When the X100s was released I bought one for street photography, which is what I was developing a real interest in, and fell in love with brand. It felt like a real camera rather than a menu driven digital device. Since then I have purchased two X-T1s and an X-T3 with five lenses, the most used of which are the 16-55 and 50-150. I am still learning my craft and doing (free) work with a view to doing it part time paid when I retire. However, I'm sure it will always be more for fun than the money. I reckon I will always be spending more than I earn on the hobby. One of my photos was chosen by Rankin, out of 11,000 submissions, to go on the front cover of a BBC Children in Need photo book, 'This is Britain' in 2017. I love shooting people, sometimes buildings, and have developed my own website. https://mhbphoto.uk
  2. I have a couple of XT1s and thinking about the same. XH1 or XT3? Having read the reviews/discussions, I understand the reason to move to the XH1 is primarily for the video. If you don't really need the video, the XT2 may be better. Not sure what the XT3 will look like, but I'm waiting for it. The XT2 was just not a big enough leap forward as I love the XT1, with caveats. I need a really good reason to upgrade as I'm on a budget like most of us and decisions about upgrades are the pain of my life.
  3. I fell three times one day on ice, with camera in hand. Instinct took over and on each occasion, no matter how I fell, landed holding the camera in the air and all was well. Apart from the broken body parts, which healed eventually. Camera still in mint condition.
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