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  1. I use exposure X5. No problem with importing and it makes a map by date ( or other options). I think that the free silkypix at the Fuji website and the free version of C1 will do the job. Of course there is also Darktable.
  2. I choose not to pay monthly for a program, so it’s bye bye for Picktorial for me. Yes I know you can still buy it but what a price . . .
  3. Fuji film simulations are not for older camera as the X-Pro1 and the X-T10. So for a special Fujifilm program it’s expensive and incomplete, don’t waist your money . . .
  4. Very nice photos. I think you captured not only the live in a monastery but also the atmosphere of a monastery in a beautiful way. Chapeau!
  5. This might be of great interest for me, because I'm looking for a bag to carry two camera's with lenses on when I'm travelling. Do you intend to keep the lens hood on the lenses when they are in the bag? Might be a funny question, but i use the lens hood as protection for the lens in and outside the bag. Never use lens caps, I always loose them.
  6. Did post this in another Fuji forum, so why not here? and there are many more . . . . maybe you like it. (I did).
  7. The price of the X-Pro2 is slowly getting lower. I think when the X-Pro3 will come it will be a difficult choice for me, the X-Pro2(cheap) or the X-Pro3. I hope they will add a tilt screen at it. Did borrow a camera with a tilt screen and I liked it more than I thought. It gives you a more convenient way for a different point of view. Getting some fresh air ~ een frisse neus halen by Plooifiets, on Flickr In fact I liked it so much that I'm considering never to buy a camera without such a screen. A friend told me that there is a Sony . . . .
  8. If it beats out Adobe, I don't know because I don't use it. I bought Luminar 2017 and did upgrade to 2018 because of their promises. But even now the lens corrections are not automatically and the in camera corrections Fuji made will not be read. Take a photo with the 18mm with vertical lines and you will see what I mean, it's really bad. I contacted them and they recognise this. Promised to change it . . . Don't know why it take them so long. They promise that long, long ago and still nothing changed. In my opinion it is important when you convert RAW files that you have the possibility to use the corrections made by the camera like Fuji wants it. So about the RAW processing I'm not that happy. But that's just my opinion ,YMMV.. So many photographers, so many tastes They put a lot of filters in their program and if you like them they are fine. Another plus is the possibility of using LUT's. So in my opinion it's a good program for editing but not that good for RAW processing. But all together I switched to some other programs . . . Oh, for I forget I used Luminar on a Mac. When I bought the first version it was Mac only. Hope you don't mind my reaction, I have nothing against Skylum but I thought I have to mention this.
  9. Is it me or is the autofocus on X-Pro2 noticeably slower while in OVF compared to EVF mode? With my X-pro1 this is definitely so. It's noticeable, but I never checked it with a stopwatch.
  10. sorry, but I do realise now you want to transfer them wireless. Can't help you out because my X-Pro1 doesn't have that feature . . . .
  11. Af far as I know you don't need that. Just connect the camera with the Mac. Then open Photos. I f you want to make this automatically you can do that in Photos. If I remember right is in the left upper of the screen.
  12. Update testing results: Let's start with what I 'm missing: What I'm missing is the possibility of using LUT's and the possibility to remove the CA. And with heavy use I noticed some instability. Did change the memorie/speed I use in Exposure X3 and so far it seems to be alright. The instability: Suddenly there was no action anymore on my MacBook Pro, something that seldom, really seldom, happens. Did a restart, tried X3 and that told me the test period was over. After completely removing X3 and installing it again my test period started all over again. The daily practice: It turns out I don't use many of the presets ( that's where this program shines imo) and the ones I use like really look the same as the one I made in Affinity. But of course there will be updates, like the last one with the Fuji film simulations which they gave for free. In Picktorial you need to pay for it, but very cheap, but they only work with Fuji Raw's. I'm not sure if the Fujisimulations in X3 work with non Fuji camera's, did not (yet) tested that. The future: Maybe Affinity together with Nik and Picktorial is enough for me, I even have Luminar2018 which get absolutely no use. But let's do some more testing, not yet time to take a decision. Before I forget, It seems that you had some problems with Picktorial. Did you email them? I had some problems too with Picktorial and they promised to change it, but it seems to take them more than a couple of weeks. Regards, Jos
  13. Right now trying Exposure X3 and so far I like it. Many presets and it's easy to make your own. I like the interface, the look and the fastness. But compared to Picktorial and Affinity it's on the pricy site. But still 29 days to go . . . Swans in the sun . . . . par Plooifiets, op ipernity
  14. Did you switch lenses or did you use a recent bought lens? I ask this because there were some people mentioning this in other forums, long ago. When the lens you used has not the latest firmware this might happen. The 60mm was often mentioned in this case. The solution to the problem was to get the latest firmware. You might also try to start the camera as if there is a new firmware update. And /or try to start it up without the SD card. If the camera is really broken you might buy another one for not that much money. I I know because that made me buy an extra one . . .
  15. I don't know if it's a happy end, but having two X-pro2's doesn't seem that bad . . .
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