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  1. Hello, for studio work I have Elinchrom D-Lite 4 strobes.. Now I'm looking for outdoor HSS flash system.. I'm really like Elinchroms new deep umbrellas.. Is it worth invest in Nissin i60A strobe units with Air 1 commander? Then I will be able to use mount for umbrella and flash unit...
  2. Yes It's noticeably faster, much faster when I'm working with many RAF files.. You can try to yourself.
  3. No, it's out of the camera uncompressed raw, sharpness and noise reduction 0. It's X-T2. I didin't notice capture one any slower than lightroom.. You can see capture one has better color reproduction by default. Best combo for professional work has iridient + capture one. Overall best quality has ON1, but it works pretty slow and confusing interface.. One big problem with capture one, it doesn't support lossless raw...
  4. If someone are insterested, there are Lightroom, CaptureOne 10, Iridient & CaptureOne and ON1 comparison.. I'm surprised of ON1 software render quality, but hate their interface... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u0qoq33fi7tzswt/AAC8Y17CcD2cICMvM1gGG-oAa?dl=0
  5. It's not 135mm. It's 90mm, but fov like 135mm.
  6. I had same issue with Elinchrom D-Lite RX4 and Skyport Transmitter Plus.. I had little black gradient with 1/250th, second photo..
  7. I dont see any problem... Put on Aperture priority, ISO A, done... In camera settings set preferred shutter speed and ISO range.. Grab your camera and go to shoot
  8. You can try capture black image ISO 200-6400 1/8000th, then import to LR and increase clarity or exp. You will find more of them in white color... For me it's strange :/ but I think it's sensor problem in all new Fujis...
  9. I had a chat with Elinchrom in FB: -Do you have plans in future support Fuji HS? -Yes we have plans. @milandro, thank you.
  10. Hello, I'm new in this forum. I'm graphic designer from Europe, was nikon boy (sorry), now finally bought X-T2 + 35 f/2 and 56 f/1.2 for lifestyle photography, but I'm really interested in food, product photogprahy... I'm looking to buy Elinchrom RX4, some tripods and big one white diffuser for food.. But I saw big problem, Elinchrom EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus don't support Fuji.. Is there any solutions to solve my problem ? Thanks, Jack
  11. I'm very angry... Jus purchased X-T2 and should pay for Lightroom plugin for tethering??? Win and mac is seperate versions.. 29+29 usd nice... Thank you Fuji!
  12. I got my new X-T2 with 1.0 firmware and I didn't notice any bugs, except EVF and LCD does not match colors, on EVF looks too dark or too contrast, but on LCD perfect...
  13. I'm going to buy X-T2 + 35 f/2 + 56f/1.2 later 12mm Samyang.. 35 f/2 better for overall experience, focus speed, wr, bit different rendering and it doesn't have big leap from 1.4, neither 50mm f/2 (-6mm fov, 1.2 vs 2)...
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