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  1. Light & Shadow by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  2. As I already have a UWA lens, a circular fisheye would be more "differentiating" than a full frame fisheye. I know its use would be highly limited but I think it could be useful in tight spaces.
  3. Lately I've been considering getting a circular fisheye. Does anyone have the one stated in the title? And can I see your photos with it? I've never had a fisheye lens before. The widest lens I currently have is the Rokinon 12mm f/2. I know the fisheye will be a lot wider and will be an even more difficult lens to use compared to the 12mm. And one I would rarely need. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  4. I also like it. I found a great deal on it, got it for just about $90 used with no hood and with a bit of dust inside. It's pretty good optically, I love the OIS and the 16mm it provides. First shot is handheld, the second and third are on a tripod. Station by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr Reflecting Fountains by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr Lions' Bridge at Sunset by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  5. Lions' Bridge at Sunset by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  6. Here's one more from yesteday night DSCF9167 by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  7. Speaking of JJC (and reviving this old thread), I recently bought their lens hood for the 16-50 OIS (I bought the lens second hand and it came with caps only). It's a really tight fit, the first time I put it on I thought I was going to crack it. Reversing it onto the lens is also hard to do. I either leave it attached on the lens or just leave it at home.
  8. Could be the OS element(s) moving. Happens with my 16-50 lens when turning the camera on or off, even with OS disabled.
  9. I've gotten this message on my X-T10 and 27mm lens when using a (too tightly screwed) lens hood. Do you happen to use any accessories that use the filter thread?
  10. DSCF8886 by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr DSCF8901 by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr DSCF8907 by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  11. DSCF8963 by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  12. Cat Bench by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  13. Do you know of any cheaper 200mm f/2 lenses?
  14. Yoan

    Fuji Birds

    Shot w/ the Tamron adaptall 2 135mm f/2.5 - the longest lens I currently have. When is spring coming? by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
  15. Snowy Night by Yoan Mitov, on Flickr
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