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  1. Regarding the X-Pro, by far the biggest problem for me is the weak AF by less contrast subjects and low light conditions. I would appreciate if FujiFilm would provide again an AF firmware update for the X-Pro. Faster is not really necessary, but an AF that works better in less favorable light conditions. Especially now it seems to takes a longer time before there will be a successor! It's a PRO, Fuji!!
  2. "Sharpness is a bourgeois concept" Henri Cartier Bresson
  3. I do not mind to miss a shot just because I do not have the right lens. I like Fuji cameras. Especially the X-Pro and the X100 series, but honestly, the camera brand, type & lens are not really important to make an interesting image. The latter is, of course, a matter of taste. Digitale camera, pinhole, Polaroid, it's the emotion that counts.
  4. In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister. (The master shows himself first in restriction) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  5. My only 2 lenses are the 18 & 35mm. I shoot mostly street and portrait. I like the restriction, it forces me to be creative. The 18mm is optical not the best Fujinon lens, but light weight, small, fast, relatively inexpensive and for street photography more than good enough.
  6. Please, no design changes and, as I mentioned earlier, no ISO dial at the top; it is unaesthetic related to the design of the X-Pro and unnecessary (ISO set per Fn is faster). If you want a more angular design than maybe the X-T1 is something for you. You don't want a gigantic f1.4 16mm. I can recommend the f2.0 18mm: light weight, small, fast, and relatively inexpensive. Maybe not the best Fujinon lens, but certainly not bad.
  7. Right, but I would be happy with a firmware update for the following improvements. - Auto Macro mode - Eye Detection AF - Improvement AF in low light and on low-contrast subjects It would persuade me to buy the X100T.
  8. I am considering buying a FujiFilm X100T. Before I buy I would like to see a number of improvements such as in the next firmware Ver. 4.00 for the FujiFilm X-T1: - Auto Macro mode - Eye Detection AF - Improvement AF in low light and on low-contrast subjects
  9. When the X-T2 is new, the X-Pro3 will be just around the corner. And so on, and so on!
  10. Your AF expectations are rather high, but I hope Fuji can meet your expectations. I'm afraid that the X-T10 is meant as the successor of the X-E2 is.
  11. Hello X-Pro shooters, If there will be a successor of the X-Pro1 is not quite sure, but I hope so. The beautiful camera design must be the same, but a little smaller would be nice for my (like the size of the X-E1/2). I don’t like an ISO dial at the top. It is not aesthetic for the design of the X-Pro (ISO set per Fn is fast or probably faster). The new X-Pro should have: - 24MP sensor - 14-bit RAW - Expanded exposure compensation (at least +/- 3 EV) - faster processor (EXR III?) - weather/dust sealing - faster & enhanced AF system (like the X-T1 with firmware ver. 4.0) - mechanical shutter speed up to 1/8000 of a second - high-speed electronic shutter up to 1/32000 of a second - improved OVF with real-time parallax correction - improved EVF with high refresh rate (like the X-T1) - 3 inch TILT LCD monitor with 1.23 million-dot - Q-menu customization - interval timer shooting - face detection - eye detection - USB charging and battery charging - dual slot - WiFi Not essential for me! - advanced filters - movie recording
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