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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, as far as I know it's better to have the camera switched on to lock the sensor in place. I've been using this method since I bought an X-T4 a few years ago with no problems. It seems to be the recommended practice. If you do a search on YouTube you'll find some more in-depth videos on the subject.
  2. Hi there, I always follow this procedure: 1. Turn the Camera on (and leave it on while cleaning). 2. Set IS mode to Off so the sensor remains locked in position. 3. Switch the shutter to ES - this prevents accidently closing the normal mechanical shutter while cleaning. 4. Turn "Shoot without Lens" to Off - this prevent the shutter from working with the lens removed 5. Turn Power Saving Mode to Off. Once cleaning is done you can reverse all of these settings as required.
  3. Hi, I've mentioned this in another thread but are you using the Clarity setting at all? Setting it to anything other than '0' results in the 'Storing' issue. Not sure why this is but hopefully it's something that can be fixed in a firmware update.
  4. Got my new X-T4 this week. It's generally working great, however if the 'Clarity' setting is set to anything other than '0' then images take a lot longer to record to the SD card. Also the frame rate in the EVF drops off quite a bit. I'm guessing using clarity is quite processor intensive.
  5. I had the same problem initially. I solved it by using a piece of cotton thread looped through the attachment cord. I fed it through the eyelet then pulled the cord through.
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